Month: January 2013

The Ink

They observe ' ' that the word of God, is the compassing for the life of the man (Salmos 119:105), and it says in them that the envy is enters the fruits of carne' '. However, the workmanships of the meat are known and are: prostitution, impurity, lasciviousness, idolatria, witchcrafts, inimizades, porfias, cimes, angers, discords, dissenses, similar factions, envies, bebedices, glutonarias and things to these, regarding which declare I you, as already long ago I prevented, you, that they will not inherit the kingdom of God what such things praticam' ' (Glatas 5:19 to the 21). We are pursued every day by envious people. Some envy its way of being, mainly when the life of this person reflects light and peace. Others envy its position in the work, its to know, its car, its family and until its perfume. How many times I was boarded for asking me to people that ink color I used in the hair, the mark of the lipstick, where store I would have bought such shoe and for he goes there.

But, the thing more intriguing than already I heard was to say me to a friend that it would have looked in some optics a lens that was equal the color of my eyes. From there, of the one to evaluate until point arrives the envious people. I find a person natural to find the color of the hair of normal other pretty and, also, that in case that has privacy with the person, somebody asks to it concerning the color of the ink, but distrusts when these questions to come of one same person because certainly you will feel the envy on its life. I? WHAT IT IS THE PEACE? The peace is a soul state, where the spirit if aquieta, not having no affliction or anxiety. One says that a person is in peace when its conscience does not accuse it with wrong things.