Month: November 2011

Ac / Dc

AC / DC (English abbr. Of alternating current / direct current – AC / DC) – Australian rock band formed in Sydney (Australia) in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Yangami. Along with bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple AC / DC often are considered as pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal musicians themselves are classified their music as rock 'n' roll, because it's based on rhythm and blues with a highly distorted sound, rhythm and solo guitars. The team was through several changes in the composition before the 1975 was released first album High Voltage. The group remained unchanged until bassist Mark Evans (born Mark Evans) was replaced by Cliff Williams (born Cliff Williams) in 1977. February 19, 1980, choking his own vomit as a result of extremely strong alcohol, died Vocalist and songwriter band Bon Scott (born Bon Scott). The group had a good chance to decay, but was soon replaced Scott was found in the person of former Geordie singer Brian Johnson (born Brian Johnson). A year later the group issued its biggest-selling album Back in Black.

The team has sold over 150 million albums worldwide, including 68 million albums in the U.S.. The most successful Back in Black album has sold over 22 million in the U.S. and more than 42 million abroad. In general, AC / DC is the most successful and famous rock band from Australia. AC / DC took the fourth position in the list of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock channel VH1, and the seventh – in the list of MTV 'Greatest Heavy Metal Band Of All Time'.

How To Buy First Electric

Electric is currently a very popular musical instrument. Someone previously played on acoustic guitar, someone decided to just learn to play electric guitar. The way to acquire tools for all its, so to speak. But, nevertheless, the problem of choosing his first electric guitar is not a solution. One can always see an overview of models of electric guitars, but this opinion is subjective.

So how to choose your first instrument? Of course, if you choose it all depends on your budget. However, even at a low price range of models is enormous. In general, the optimal price range for a first guitar for about 10-30tr. Often you can hear that on an expensive instrument is easier to learn to play. The assertion is questionable. At the moment, even at the cost of cheap tools in the 7-12tr in no way inferior to the performance of instruments priced at 30tr, another thing is the sound. But … many novice guitar players are not able to adequately assess its quality.

Yes and it should be noted that sometimes later, this ability appears … Therefore I propose to consider carefully the factors that will be decisive. Attaching the neck. It can be bolchenym, when normally neck is attached by 4-5 screws, glued, when the bar as if glued to the housing, and penetrating – the most difficult to execute, and the price expensive, in these guitars is the neck and the central part of the guitar. For the first tool is opt for bolchenom or pasted version.

Public Musicians

Good tools and good sound forces you to PLAY BETTER! I know a musician who always has in stock a few hundred dollars. For example, he bought a keypad rack in perfect condition for a quarter of the price, keyboards and scratch-free without the sand in pots for one-third the price. He constantly waiting for a chance and bought / used equipment for blazing insanely low prices. What should I do? After all, none of the foreign musicians are not allowed to work in ‘their’ restaurants? Allowed when the presses. There are of course musicians, who clung to their jobs and think that if they do not let anyone there, it will ensure eternal work in the restaurant.

This stems from their insecurity. They are right to fear of losing their place. They – the bad musicians with a bad program. So for them to be extremely risky to give someone to speak on their stage. Suddenly, the restaurant owners realize that they were kept for suckers. Suddenly, the owners will realize that there is much more interesting musicians. Not worry, my dear reader.

Even if the owner does not understand him that sooner or later tell visitors of the restaurant. And if the owner does not pay attention to the comments of the public, this restaurant quickly be bent into a business relationship. There are other musicians. They are on the top rating restaurants, clubs musicians. Typically, this is real live group (without phonograms) with a good program. These musicians are not afraid ‘podsidki’.

Cesar Bustos Hudson

Classical: Johann Sebastian Bach "Passion according to John 'Pablo Cesar Bustos and J. Hudson (pictured) will perform with a professional ensemble. "No matter whom you believe, the music will affect you on many levels as possible ', explains the tenor Pablo Cesar Bustos, who will vote in the greatest evangelist the creation of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Passion According to St. John ', which was written by him in 1724. This part, which has been taken from the Bible, Luther was first performed in German Church of St. Nicholas in Leipzig on Good Friday.

These sacred chronicle of his arrest Jesus in Gethsemane and on the conspiracy to the charges against him and to insist on his crucifixion by allowing The concepts of Pilate. Bach went on to study 'The Passion According to St. John' to 1749, almost until his death. 'The new version of the chorus is the rapid onset, which displays a sinister, interesting, and is proportional to the dramatic image of the painting, Unlike the original. Voice of the Evangelist, also shows the endurance to go on their own throughout the show. This is the strongest and most challenging role, given the volume and complexity of the music ', enthusiastically says Bustos. Bustos, Born in Chile, the director of music ministries and organist at Reformation Lutheran Church, said that his statement and understanding of Bach's music as a historical, reflecting the events described in the Bible, helps him in his personal Bible studies. 'I am willing to develop themselves physically, vocally and emotionally for etogo' says Bustos.

The role of the protagonist plays baritone John Hudson. 'The words that I say, an image which I show the person- all play a vital role in the lives of many people, despite the fact that Opera is not usually characteristic 'says Hudson. 'Baroque musical style – it's an emotional image transmission through the beautiful arias and enchanting choir '. It is also involved in the play: Phillips (soprano), Megan Bertie and Ashley Hill (alto), Matthew Valverde (tenor), Harris and Thomas Ipok Lehmann (bass), and Takeo have 18 votes to accompany singers. 'There was not much in the passions Rochester, as it was about eight years ago, "shares his thoughts Weinert. 'It's the biggest job we have just carried out. " Weinert modeled the concept of matching substrings and vote with their professional Chamber Choir, which, as he claims, comes to life in various communities in the country the last 15 – 20 years. 'I was amazed that nobody has done this before, and I thought it would be brilliant and talented, "says Weinert. 'Our vision is the rehearsal concert on 3-5 times a week. Bustos and Hudson met at the Eastman School about ten years ago and sang together in the plays. Hudson decided that he could not miss such an opportunity, to give audience to hear 'The Passion of St. John '. 'You should hear the music of Bach, because it is made very well, "says Hudson. 'It takes two hours, but you get the incomparable experience of listening. " Bustos is taking another step forward: 'Indeed, it is important to create something similar to try and experience this level of music in a concert performance, as well as a religious experience. "