Nov 11

Ac / Dc

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AC / DC (English abbr. Of alternating current / direct current – AC / DC) – Australian rock band formed in Sydney (Australia) in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Yangami. Along with bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple AC / DC often are considered as pioneers of hard rock […]

Nov 11

How To Buy First Electric

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Electric is currently a very popular musical instrument. Someone previously played on acoustic guitar, someone decided to just learn to play electric guitar. The way to acquire tools for all its, so to speak. But, nevertheless, the problem of choosing his first electric guitar is not a solution. One can always see an overview of […]

Nov 11

Public Musicians

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Good tools and good sound forces you to PLAY BETTER! I know a musician who always has in stock a few hundred dollars. For example, he bought a keypad rack in perfect condition for a quarter of the price, keyboards and scratch-free without the sand in pots for one-third the price. He constantly waiting for […]

Nov 11

Cesar Bustos Hudson

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Classical: Johann Sebastian Bach "Passion according to John 'Pablo Cesar Bustos and J. Hudson (pictured) will perform with a professional ensemble. "No matter whom you believe, the music will affect you on many levels as possible ', explains the tenor Pablo Cesar Bustos, who will vote in the greatest evangelist the creation of Johann Sebastian […]