Sep 16


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Fear, desire to rush or panic are some of moods that all opponents we experience when we are exposing a matter before a court. Many are the hours invested in preparing this test so that in a few minutes we it play everything to a single letter. A rule of thumb when you touch us […]

Sep 16

Constructivist Theory

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A scientific revolution corresponds, to the abandonment of a paradigm and the adoption of another new one, by the consensus of the scientific community in its Kuhn totality (op. cit,). In the Theories of learning, these revolutions would be given by the Conductista Theory, the Cognitive Theory and the Constructivist Theory. Against this background, Schunk […]

Sep 16


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In spite of constituting this point an area difficult to recognize, generally we must mention that the high level of confidence originates future a favorable climate so that freely and in order to correct action, admit the committed errors, especially with sights of sincerar activities and admitting the necessity to change to obtain a better […]

Sep 16

Learn English Online

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Learn English with the help of Internet is very easy and fast. You can learn this language with games, stories, listening activities and exercises in grammar, as with music and downloading the letters of anglo songs of your choice. These are the methods more essential to learn English online in the comfort of your home […]

Sep 16

Maritim Hotel Berlin

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The Berlin Festival will bring bands such as hot chip, LCD Soundsystem and Soulwax on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airport. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. In September, the Berlin Festival again offers the opportunity to experience live music on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airport in two days. […]