Month: October 2014

Overview: EPIPHONE Les Paul Standard EBONY CH

Despite the fact that I have acquired Epiphone Les Paul which was produced in China, which has developed a stereotype, it’s pretty – still not bad. It sounds in its price range to give odds to many other guitars analogues producing countries, of course, in the same price category. But let’s proceed. Model: epiphone Les Paul Standard ebony ch Serial Number: 06 – date of manufacture / 2006 09 – month / September 6243 – the number of product / 6243 General Features: Neck – Mahogany Body – Mahogany Attaching the neck – pasted Tailpiece: Tune-o-matic/Stop-bar Pickups: 2 humbucker Controls: 2 x volume, 2 tone, 3-pos. Switch on the fingerboard Fingerboard: Rosewood Frets: 22 Scale Length: 24,75 ‘ Hardware: Chrome Country of origin: China Features Neck: Nut Width: 1.68 ” Inlay: trapezoid Color: Black Weight – 5 kg Making Made this tool in China at factory Gibson, which opened in October 2002 in Qingdao (Qingdao). City of Qingdao Located on a peninsula of Shandong, and is a major port, military base and industrial center. This is the only plant that produces Epiphone in Asia. The factory is dedicated to creating guitars Epiphone and only Epiphone, because this is achieved good control over the production of guitars. First meeting in 2006 I bought epiphone Les Paul Standard ebony ch in one of the few music stores in , giving him not a lot of not a few 16 000 rubles. At that time it was my second guitar, after Samick (1H +2 S). Electric Samick, had served me faithfully for 3,5 years, after which I happily sold it. And so, going to the music store, my gaze introduced a range of guitars of Ibanez and Squier. After listening to them all one by one, I have slightly disillusioned because sound data models I categorically did not suit. A little more ‘torment’ tools and vendors I am about to leave, when suddenly my eyes fell modestly in the corner hangs a guitar in black, this was the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. C a kind of disbelief, I picked it up, “run through” by Solyakov I was pleasantly surprised. Live sound, distinguishes this instrument from a variety of others. Epiphone gave a magnificent sustain, with its inherent Guitar Les Paul gentle sound. In generally good sound quality materials this tool does not leave me indifferent. The body and neck guitar body and neck made of mahogany (mahogany), a dense wood and very heavy. Gibson company in the manufacture of its extensive use of mahogany guitars. Sound mahogany characterized, above all, a sharp, explosive srednchastotnoy attack with a velvety touch. Yet it should be noted that the neck glued into the case. The fastening device neck provides good sustain, which I originally guided by buying a guitar. Tuners I can not mention one detail – the quality of the established guitar tuners Grover. Pegs with a very smooth running, without any deficiencies during the rotation, keep the system secure. Pickups Unfortunately, pickups are not up to satisfactory levels. However, it is difficult to blame the tool in this price category, which is already ‘squeezed’ out of themselves all that is possible. The only thing that I just could do with a family pickups (a type of soap box) – remove the cap, resulting in a more powerful, sharp sound Native Wiring Wiring is surprisingly very good external view and change 1. Removing the caps on the housing 2. Replacement handles potentiometer 3. Removing the caps from the pickups.

Interior Design Apartments

Always a pleasure to be in a comfortable place, whether it's flat, a cafe or a country house. In this atmosphere, we always feel a pleasant relaxation, calmness and tranquility. And the impact on the atmosphere that goes not only for through proper selection of colors, but also due to proper lighting, furniture arrangement and location of the necessary decor. If all of the above begins to harmonize with each other, then eventually we get a really comfortable and cozy interior design apartments. And, in the pursuit of comfort and coziness, not necessarily reduce the importance of design and beauty of his style. Yes, of course, our designers in the first place will give due customer preference, and only then will, proceeding from them, to develop the future design of the interior apartments.

If you want to implement their plans related to the beautiful design of the apartment, and a comfort with literate design in your home, our specialists are ready to help you in this matter. Turning to us for the development of the design project, we guarantee you: 1. Development of the project will deal with competent professionals with positive experience in building design projects, 2. Creative, or as it is now more commonly called, creative approach to create a design that would make it original and exclusive 3. Competitive price of the design project. Since in our the price is already incorporated much of what most other design studios is a single price; 4. Compliance with Russian laws. All the services we provide are certified, redevelopment and other actions requiring the consent of the supervisory authorities, must be approved.

The experience of our experts in the field of interior design of apartments, houses and commercial premises, has led to our design services recommended my friends and colleagues are the people whom we once already developed interior design. We believe this is the highest mark of their activities. And having a large number of contacts with suppliers, customers, who have ordered us to develop the project, we are always happy to donate some or other discounts to install or purchase any equipment or make allowances for the performance of any services. Always wake up glad to see you in among our customers! Source: Group of Companies Home Nevada (Nevada Dom Group)


Certify is not adopt standards ISO became a must to act in markets highly com-petitivos. But certify standards doesn’t mean necessarily culturally adopt all their benefits. Takes time and resources to make this approach permeates all levels of the Organization and ended up being part of the day-to-day management. His eruption happened when still a considerable proportion of industrial enterprises was still unconsciously product-oriented, more skewed towards the intrinsic goodness of thereof that the needs and perceptions of the segments that oriented its commercial efforts. Thus means that its use is fruit of the need to comply with the formality before an audit or recertification, rather than a demonstration of his commitment to listen deep and actively to the customer on numerous occasions. Several Auditors of quality will have surely noticed this phenomenon. Duty measure vs. take advantage of the measurement between the processes that integrate management system of Quality, the business occupies a relevant role, to the point that measure the satisfaction of the customer acquired the rank of policy in many companies.

The concern often starts by the owners or shareholders of companies, aware of the imperative of maintaining the certification to ensure continuity of access to external markets. Moreover, synonymous with tradition familiar – brand can be affected. Therefore they also emphasize that the measurement of client satisfaction is an issue that involves the entire organization. If required to do so by the validity of the ISO, why not take the opportunity to investigate issues not only the perception that customers have about our company but also about our direct competitors? Or why not relieve the reasons for abandonment of former customers? In our role as consultants, we are in permanent contact with companies and found that there are few those that do. Moreover, if we understand that the customer-supplier relationship impacts decidedly in the quality product and therefore in satisfaction, measure the performance of the providers also should be habitual.