Month: May 2012

Archaeological Tourism

This summary presents subsidies of the centered activities of patrimonial education in the archaeological actions of the Mountain range of the Capivara, as support for a construction of cultural, preservacionista, dialogued and tourist conscience in the region. Arguments of an experience carried through for adolescents are also presented, organizadores of a group of study on the Rupestre Art of Piau (CDAR-PI), in an experiment with some public schools of the city of Are Raymond Nonato. Aiming at support, the archaeological and cultural tourism in the vision of the young generation of the surrounding cities to the National Park Mountain range of the Capivara, beyond the reinforcement and belonging of the identities operating in the region. Words keys: Archaeology, Patrimonial Education, cultural tourism I-INTRODUO the National Park Mountain range of the Capivara world-wide is ambicionado by its wealth archaeological, atypical its bioma, and for its biodiversity. These aspects had served as to be nominated beddings as cultural patrimony of the Humanity for UNESCO. However still it has a local absence of sensitization and politics, when the requirement is the preservation conservation and maintenance of the Park. This can happen directly for some factors not yet debated, one of the facts can be for the actions not to generate immediate profits for investors deals in it local since the funny economy I deal around it, or not to generate vote the politicians, conserving this riqussimo quantity. The activities developed for the conservation ends preservation and recognition of the patrimony in the region are only the position, of the FUMDHAM, IPHAN? , UNIVASF, ICMBIO agencies that act together with the Foundation where the same search to develop a promotion in the search for investments next to the public power, and in the local sensitization how much to the preservation of the patrimony through cultural events, similar workshops, lectures, congresses, seminaries and.


1. Introduction of the Tourism the tourism is conditional to the hospitality, events, entertainments and to a series of on benefits to the service sector. It is an exchange of information and knowledge and if to observe, the economic and cultural phenomenon is very ample in this segment if compared with other activities. Taking in consideration the inherent aspects after modernity, the tourism is if consolidating as a partition for the regional development, even because the act to practise it is not more exclusiveness of the classroom ' ' A' '. Days (2003) the tourism discourses as the sector of the economy that more grows in the present time, already having reached the status of main economic activity in the world …. Handle (2007) disserta the tourism as a phenomenon contemporary who enclose the sectors economic, social and politician.

The expansion of the tourism is taking a ratio each denser time and occupying an important space very in the market in virtue of being a propeller spring in the generation of resources, income and job. Pointing out that the tourism is convenient for if worrying about the ambient preservation, sustainable and social development. The support of a region does not only depend on the community autctone, but also on the tourists, therefore they have its participation in the development in virtue of the support to aim at to the minimizao of the ecological impacts promoting benefits for the receiving community. In accordance with COOPER et al (2001) … the tourism is a multidimensional and multifaceted activity, that has different contact with many lives and economic activities …. One perceives that before the optics of diverse authors, the tourism is involved with the economic factor and the movement of people who if dislocate from a place for another one, not necessarily in leisure search, since the segmentation of the tourism is very ample, therefore has the tourism business-oriented; religious tourism; agricultural tourism; cultural tourism, tourism of nature; ecoturismo; tourism of purchases, among others.