Month: February 2013

Barceloneta Festival

The musical quotations from the weekend will bring pop, yeye, electronic rhythms, rock, ethnic sounds and large doses of electronics. Poll: what is the best lineup of 2011? The agenda of the music festivals going off dates as the summer progresses. But there are still many to enjoy. After the celebration of the IFF, Arenal Sound returned to Castellon to lovers of the independent by the sea sounds, while Gijon, always at the latest, will opt for the spirit of the 1960s in the Euroyeye Festival. Also the District of la Barceloneta in Barcelona, will be starting this Thursday and until Sunday a great celebration thanks to the Busker s Festival, a quotation that promotes cultural diversity. Electronics will install its reign in Arriondas (Asturias), in the Aquasella. These are the details: Arenal Sound to just a few kilometers from the place where every year takes place the Festival of Benicassim and with your same passion for independent pop and electronica, Arenal Sound is presented more as a little brother of him, loving and promising, that as a competitor.

With just two years of life and a somewhat shorter poster featuring the of his master, however international figures of the stature of Scissor Sisters, The Charlatans, Rinocerose, Tiga or Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinanz. In the national party are unbeatable Vetusta Morla, as well as Love of Lesbian, The Albionauts and Russian Red. They are not its unique strengths: scenarios are found by the Sea (on the beach of the Arenal in Burriana, Castellon) and the price of your subscription, if you buy in advance, was very reasonable (65 euros for four days of concerts and five camping). From this Thursday, however, there is no fertilizers below 110 euros.


I have word Belgrade conjures up images of war and ethnic cleansing. But a new Belgrade is emerging of music festivals and nightclubs, pedestrianised streets and designer boutiques as Serbia prepared to desyncs the European mainstream. The Trans-European Express had already broken down and had its locomotive replaced. A heatwave gripped the Balkans, but there was no water on the slow moving train and no air conditioning. What was chilly, however, was the behaviour of the border guards, who demanded and stamped our passports with no glimmer of a smile. As far as Croatia, the train was packed. But after Serbia entering it slowly emptied. When we finally reached Belgrade, at nearly 3 am, barely 20 passengers climbed down.

Outside, the magnificent neoclassical 19th Century station, heat-dazed stray dogs wandered around dozily. Close by stood tower blocks shattered by cruise missiles reminders of Nato s 1999 assault on the Milosevic regime. Belgrade has long been one of .red bottom shoes the most cosmopolitan cities in Eastern Europe, but it has a slightly faded charm. Its history has been fundamentally edgy, to gateway to the world beyond Europe. It is a city of cafes, of chain smokers, of immigrants, many of them displaced from across the former Yugoslavia as a result of the recent wars. It still feels on the edge. But Belgrade is also an intriguing city and one eager to rediscover the confidence of its heyday. Built around a commanding crag at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, it was an important Roman settlement.

Marina Sibalic, an architect, took me up to the immense Kalimegdan Fortress, bastion that has seen plenty of largely religious conflict. Indeed, the Siege of Belgrade in 1453 is remembered as a fight for the very survival of Christianity.

San Sebastian Film Festival

The new edition will be held between 16 and 24 September. Ben Hamer, Guillermo Arriaga, alex de la Iglesia, or Sophie Mantigneaux among others will decide the winners of the Official section. American actress Frances McDormand will preside over the jury of the official section of the 59 San Sebastian Film Festival. The San Sebastian event, which last Friday announced the composition of the jury, has unveiled Monday the name of who exercise for President in the next edition, which will run from 16 to 24 September. The protagonist of Fargo will decide the winners of the official section next to the writer, screenwriter and Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Arriaga, the Spanish director alex de la Iglesia, Norwegian filmmaker Bent Hamer, the Chinese actress Bai Ling, the Director of French photography Sophie Mantigneaux and the English actress Sophie Okoneko. MacDormand, born in 1957, won an Oscar in 1996 for her portrayal of police Marge Gunderson in Fargo and has been nominated for this award by Arde Mississippi (1988), almost famous (2000) and in the land of men (2005). Among his extensive filmography includes titles like burn after reading, hidden Agenda or Arizona baby. His latest works are Transformers 3: the dark side of the Moon, 2011 and This Must Be the Place. Source of the news: the actress Frances McDormand will preside over the official jury of the Festival of San Sebastian

Ten Unique Festivals

Festival of the Boryeong mud, July 2010 each month of July South Korea, lovers of the mud of all Korea’s South, and almost 1.5 million visitors, gather in Daecheaon Beach to swim, fight and massage with its famous mud, known for its therapeutic properties. This event requires much participation, so if you’re not by the work of get dirty, better stay home. Eastern neck red Dublin summer games, Georgia July 10th, what began as a joke in 1996, has become an important annual event, with more than 100,000 visitors each year. They do evidence related to mud, pigs, pinrreles and all kinds of nasty things. All the benefits of the Redneck games go to local charities. The fall of AlceTalkeetna, Alaska July 2010 Festival in this celebration quite disgusting, people are thrown away Moose droppings tucked in balloons and who proves more coated wins a prize of 1,000 euros. There is also live music, sports and manure jewelry Elk. If you go, careful where you step! La Tomatina Bunol, ValenciAgosto 2010 find flights to Valencia to participate in one of the world’s largest food wars.

Each month of August the town of Bunol welcomes nearly 20,000 people to throw more than 150,000 tomatoes for about an hour. Preparation before the race, the most experienced placed goggles and ear protectors. But remember, there are some rules during the battle: the tomatoes must be crushed before throwing away them and when the time is finished, all the tomatil weaponry should be deposed. Festival of the Rock Creek Lodge testicle, Clinton, MT, USA.UU. August 2010 each fall mountain inaugurates the biggest festival related to the testicles. Gather 15,000 fans of the gonads, where you can taste the bull balls, empanadas and marinated in beer. The Festival of the testicle is not a family event, and all attendees must be 21 years of age or older.