Feb 13

Barceloneta Festival

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The musical quotations from the weekend will bring pop, yeye, electronic rhythms, rock, ethnic sounds and large doses of electronics. Poll: what is the best lineup of 2011? The agenda of the music festivals going off dates as the summer progresses. But there are still many to enjoy. After the celebration of the IFF, Arenal […]

Feb 13


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I have word Belgrade conjures up images of war and ethnic cleansing. But a new Belgrade is emerging of music festivals and nightclubs, pedestrianised streets and designer boutiques as Serbia prepared to desyncs the European mainstream. The Trans-European Express had already broken down and had its locomotive replaced. A heatwave gripped the Balkans, but there […]

Feb 13

San Sebastian Film Festival

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The new edition will be held between 16 and 24 September. Ben Hamer, Guillermo Arriaga, alex de la Iglesia, or Sophie Mantigneaux among others will decide the winners of the Official section. American actress Frances McDormand will preside over the jury of the official section of the 59 San Sebastian Film Festival. The San Sebastian […]

Feb 13

Ten Unique Festivals

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Festival of the Boryeong mud, July 2010 each month of July South Korea, lovers of the mud of all Korea’s South, and almost 1.5 million visitors, gather in Daecheaon Beach to swim, fight and massage with its famous mud, known for its therapeutic properties. This event requires much participation, so if you’re not by the […]