Month: March 2012

Bees Party

Bees in the country. No way that enlivens not look suburban area, as far as bee colonies that its infinite-time, the desire to live, grow, work, and inspire us to deeds of personal and sometimes vice versa – calm and looking at them, come to mind philosophical thought. If you decide to read this article, therefore, have to start thinking of bees, but certainly confused some of the questions that arise after the purchase. That's about all these questions I want to tell prospective beekeeper. You are afraid that young children and the bees in the same area was dangerous? Are you afraid to spoil relations with its neighbors? I assure you – this is not a serious problem! Only one species of bees different aggressiveness – is central Russian bees.

They really better not to have, if next to the hives are often men. And all the other breeds do not pay people, nor any attention. Only in beehives is not a hammer Knock. I noticed that adults are afraid of bees more than children, for example, I never will see a panic fear of bees in children. If a bee sting, of course yell loudly, but quickly calmed down, and oddly enough the consequences of a bite in children are often faster than adults. Moreover, these random bites are very, very rarely, usually when the child accidentally crushed a bee or a barefoot run on the site. Is not uncommon for children and adults are not around receive a single bite for a few years.

Alternative Energy Sources

Today, much attention is paid to alternative energy sources. One of the most popular today are wind turbines and solar panels. They are increasingly used in industrial environments and in privately. Since solar panels and wind turbines, experts suggest using in country houses. Another type of alternative energy is to use the energy of the Earth (as well as air, water, etc.). Realize it is possible by means of heat pumps included in the energy system of about one hundred fifty years ago the British physicist William Thomson invented a device called the "multiplier heat", based on his lay following physical phenomena: material expends energy during evaporation and condensation releases energy: boiling point of a substance varies with pressure. The result was the birth of a heat pump, ie device to transfer heat energy from a source with lower temperature to a source with a higher temperature. In other words – a refrigerator with a source of lower temperature in the environment or air-conditioning, working on heating. The principle of heat pump based on the fact that the refrigerant evaporates in the chamber with low pressure and temperature and is condensed in a chamber with high pressure and temperature, thus carrying out transfer of energy (heat) from a cold body to a heated, ie in the direction in which the spontaneous heat transfer is impossible. As a low-potential source of thermal energy for heating a house can be used naturally occurring heat (ambient air, heat groundwater, artesian and thermal waters, the waters of rivers.