Month: November 2014

Interim Elected Manager Of The Year 2011:

AIMP gives industries Oskar for the highest quality in the interim management of Kreuzlingen. Three really strong interim manager – of a woman – made the race and were awarded as interim manager of the year 2011: Susanne Mackey Carone (Hamburg), Rene Bollier (Uetikon, Switzerland) and Helmut Frotscher (Heiligkreuzsteinach, Baden-Wurttemberg). Industries Oskar was for the first time by the prestigious industry association of AIMP (Arbeitskreis interim management provider) awarded, quality and professionalism in the interim management on the flags has written. The pools of the AIMP members combine Interim Manager in Germany without overlap and double-counting alone approximately 9000. So could be used for the assessment of the best from the full. We are impressed by the constant performance of many Interim Manager, and so some more as well deserved the award”, so AIMP Board member Dr.

Harald Schonfeld of an interim management provider butterflymanager. More than 120 Interim Manager and 19 provider representatives from 15 European countries were present, as laudator, AIMP President Dr. Anselm Gorres solemnly handed over to the trophies in the framework of the seventh AIMP year Forum on Castle black stone. “It became clear that more and more very good managers in their best years” and not only at the end of your working life – embark on a career as an interim manager and thereby develop a highest level of professionalism. It established a private profession. In many projects are hardly Interim Manager with their specific expertise, and also to the quick bridging of vacancies, they are very appreciated.

The Arbeitskreis interim management provider (AIMP) brings together renowned service provider of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In the growth market of interim management is the AIMP for more transparency, professionalism and quality, but also for innovation in the interim management business. AIMP members must have long-standing expertise and customer orientation. The AIMP collects, analyzes and discusses current data and trends of the market, provides Industry analyses and relating to publications and statements regularly position on current industry topics. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH interim management services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Bahnhofstrasse 31 ch 8280 Kreuzlingen + 41-71-6770166 info (at)

Wooden Windows

Everyone knows that our environment is very important that all around us were natural materials. In this regard, it is best to put wooden windows, which have all the advantages of pvc windows. In addition, the fact that they made of wood very positive impact on human health. Another advantage is that they provide air circulation even when the windows closed. 'Breath' windows does not mean that there will be drafts that is the usual airing. Not so easy to make a window from wood.

This is a laborious process, all the stages that must be met with high responsibility. First, you must dry the wood. Of drying depends quality of the material in general (whether the wood is split or whether the window to deform during use.) Qualitative drying ensures that no such problems. Before you start sawing material to him, give some time, "" indoors, after drying. Then he sawed wood for fins, of which, as a result of cutting boards come in accordance with specified dimensions. The next stage – Optimization of pre-finish wood.

At this stage, the semi-finished products are brought to perfection through the elimination of all the natural defects of the original material, whether resin pockets or twigs. Then comes the move of manufacturing beam of three layers, which represents the combined, bonded, and again treated bars. To glue sticks, glue pre-missed, placed under the special equipment (Press), where they are under great pressure of at least half a day. Three-layer board is ready, you can make a profile.

Masonobu Fukuoka

Another great misunderstanding is thinking that the products have been obtained naturally be much more expensive than the products obtained by modern agriculture based on chemicals, heavy machinery and many hours of plowing, but contrary to what people think and assume, with this new method can even charge less for the products because it requires less effort and less investment to reap. What benefits do you get the doctor Fukuoka with its natural method of cultivation Dr. Masonobu Fukuoka has even found clever ways to get rid of the herons that eat their seeds and even the scarecrows to be used by repelling them. The doctor no longer des Fukuoka boil, the learned how to live intelligently with the bad herbs, the doctor no longer inundated Fukuoka their land for rice cultivation because their methods, this waste water is no longer necessary. Dr. Fukuoka land are becoming more productive because all organic matter returned to their fields and rejuvenate this year. What is the method of Dr. Fukuoka His method is simple, like one of those styles of oriental combat where the fighter simply uses the power of the enemy for their own benefit.

Dr. Fukuoka just know that plant, at what time and what to plant. As Dr.Fukuoka is bad herbs in rice cultivation? Ironic as this may sound, Dr. Fukuoka found that eliminating tillage many bad herbs cease to exist, the fact plow and plow the land puts the ecosystem in an uncontrolled situation conducive to the proliferation of bad herbs, instead of plowing land and sail Dr. Fukuoka planting or seeding of clover and other herbs that can be controlled in the fields, thus creating a natural mat on the floor which also serves to maintain suitable temperatures in the soil and saves having that in flooded fields for rice planting.

Dr. Fukuoka spreads the seeds of the next crop when the preceding crop is still maturing and when mature crop rice straw is spread on the ground with seeds germinating and thus controlled the bad herbs and protecting the rice crop. The green revolution brainwashed us since the start the green revolution to the country people took it into his head that is only possible to obtain returns with the help of chemicals and it’s hard to remove them from the paradigm in which they are cornered, He has a point, of course, by suppressing the use of machinery and chemical inputs and work with the same seeds that germinate with weak roots in flooded areas, there will be no change in the methods used. To exit this spiral end where we need to dupe a change of consciousness from the consumer to the producer because it must break with the idea that only what is good and expensive natural farming by definition has to be expensive. Humanity has reached a limit in what was once a solution as the technological development of agriculture and proprietary software now becomes a problem for which we have a fully viable solution within the reach of all but requires revolutionary and visionary minds to put into practice the new techniques that would revolutionize the world and will take the balance.

Tommy Hilfiger

Need extra cash? Buy and sell their gently used baby clothing, car seats, Strollers, Toys, Books and Products on eBay! Hi moms, therefore, had her beautiful baby, and could not resist the temptation – all the cute baby clothes and beautiful, rompers, suits, jean sets, christening gowns, teddies and baby clothes exclusively designed (as Tommy Hilfiger) that called to you when I was in the Gap, Old Navy, Osh Kosh or Little Me. Not to mention the countless baby clothes that relatives gave you were not quite your style, neither too large nor too small for your baby and still have the price tag, never used. Well, if you have these baby clothes taking much space in various closets and dressers around the house and thought it would only have to take a loss on these baby items, think again! There is a thriving used baby goods market on eBay, selling the world's largest garage, garage sale and auction line. If you have a baby used item, chances are that you can sell on eBay. There are sections on eBay for used baby and baby clothes for every stage of the life of her baby – 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T , and 5T. Not only that, but can also sell your maternity clothes on eBay too! They have an old car seat, stroller, old or antique baby toys that are not used more? They have used the diapers, bottles, breast pumps or toys that have not been used? You can also sell these items on eBay.


Lemon, well tightens the skin. Just because of him, you can narrow pores. But it must be applied cautiously. Use lemon, it should be masked for the skin that have a softening effect and neutralize the citric acid. For example, Lemon juice can be used with banana, cream, milk.

The best fruit for oily skin, is a vine. Grape juice can be applied in pure form. But we should remember that the juice from the package does not have any medicinal properties. For treatment purposes, select only fresh juice. It is best to crush grapes with seeds in a blender and apply slurry to the face. Spinach will save you from any annoyance. Wash it in clean water and boil for several minutes.

Crush, apply the slurry on the face. You can also use nettle, but it should cook longer. If you have very dry skin, nourishes it with a mixture of cream and fruit. Such Cream is the ideal food. It suffices as fat and moisture, which must be dry skin. In order to awaken from winter depression, apply to face sauerkraut, it is very rich in vitamin C. This is very charges and refreshes the skin. Keep your face 20 minutes, the skin becomes like a petal, soft and velvety. One of the unique products that are Cheerios. They make your skin smooth and supple. Potato has bleaching property. Grate fresh potatoes on a fine grater, put on your face before going to bed in the morning rinse. If you are uncomfortable, wash off after 20 minutes, but better at night. In the morning the skin is smooth, light and smooth. In order to achieve the effect of sunburn, use a coffee scrub. Pour a spoonful of ground coffee and a small amount of boiling water, let configure themselves min 10. Then rub it and rinse face belongings.