Month: September 2014

Great Gifts

It is the moment! You know what that means. Celebrations! Gifts! And possibilities! You must be prepared! You want verte well. You want sentirte well. You want portarte well (or no). But by chance this time you are invited to a fabulous celebration or you decide to organize a special celebration and if by chance It is there Quieres to be prepared with good gifts for same you and for the others.

Here you have five great ideas of gifts that are appropriate so that the DES during the celebrations and throughout the year! 1. To give Presence When you enter a room or an appointment or in a celebration how you present/display to you can at night determine the level of success (or the lack of success). It give a great presence when you see yourself either, you have good taste, you smell or, you sound or and you feel or. The USA something and so you feel fantastic. Beam something that is good for your body as for dancing or for making exercise or darte an immersion bath or to make the siesta. It gives presence to the moment. Listening and speaks with respect.

Even if no you are in agreement with him (or you think that he is an idiot) dale the courtesy to listen. To listen is an incredible gift. 2. To give back It gives. You give back. It calls. You give back the call. He removes to you to walk (good twice). You cook dinner to him. He gives back in gratefulness when he (or any other person) you of something. When you receive a gift of a man to whom you respect, he gives back of creative, appreciative way. I do not repeat as much not him DES as what it gives you! If him DAS in measured equal is friendly.