Month: December 2016

Advertising Web

Many have asked how to exponentially increase their sales. In this article you could make money with advertising on web sites. Read and learn. The network of networks known as the internet, offers every day a broad horizon in which promote our products or services. We can promote us and attract a niche market of various countries and languages. The limit does not exist: every day hundreds of new Internet users enter for information about a particular product or service. And it is here where we can get a juicy slice of cake. Lucrative internet business, have been those who have been able to invest the money in a smart way.

There are various ways to advertise and earn extra income. Below I detail two smart ways to advertise. First of all, made a list of twenty keywords that your potential customers seek you in the network of networks. Then we place these words or phrases of three words in quotation marks in the search of more popularity, in this case Google. If our words or phrases yield less than five hundred thousand results, we can promote them with the service that google offers for Adsence. To use this tool, is known that every one hundred or two hundred visits, there is an effective click, then, we must calculate how much wish to invest every time that our visitors click on our ad. Another form of advertising, is creating videos and upload them to YouTube, using the above mentioned key words as title. Note: for the titles, omit words with uppercase question marks and exclamation marks, signs and punctuation. To make money with advertising really effectively, in addition to as described in this article, there is a page recognized by FORBES magazine to Orient with successful entrepreneurs who wish to succeed in the network of networks. I leave the link below for more information. If you want to succeed with your business on-line click here original author and source of the article

Museum Barcelona

It was coincidence that visiting a Museum of geology of Barcelona fotografiase a scale model of the mountain of Montserrat made the year 1919 (not completely made to scale), which is still exposed in several cultural centers of Barcelona. That photo (intended to illustrate my self-published book entitled Montserrat ganga of the Grail) offered me his secret already since before his darkroom. Looking at the negative light I realized a diminutive form of face. I remembered the discovery of a face on the shroud of Turin and went back to the revealed photo that the first time I looked at it not seemed make sense. The miracle was repeated, and I understood that, even without being trained, should strive to divulge it. Once I drew up my report in the book of what might be called the miracle of coincidences, I should refer both to the situation of the holy mountain Catalan (40 km. away from the city), to the ssorprendente configuration of a face according to the light and angle that illuminates the mountain Montserrat.

Such a face as serious as a severe judge and bearded appearance is achieved based on hundreds of slender boulders, making even more unlikely the formation of a face. By the way for high of coincidences Benedictine sanctuary appears on satellite as a sign of color photo on her forehead between the eyebrows of the human face of Montserrat seen from the sky. Decades later, on the occasion of visiting the new Barcelona Science Museum, saw there another great fotosatelite of Montserrat. It looks much more angry than I initially posted, and for high of coincidences, to enlarge it with my PC, I noticed that it includes the roundness of a pupil. In other words, I myself saw this side of the Montserrat fotosatelite grow before my eyes after spending three decades.

I was discovering other similar phenomena later in my efforts to humanize the landscapes. See the results on the grouped links. geocities. com/ramonet_riu/supercaras Ramon Riu Ramonet (from Barcelona Spain) I am catalan, married and resident in Barcelona. I am a career investigator of cultural topics. Trtabajo full time though I am currently retired. I have several websites synthesizing my research… and furturos projects. Related blogs the most important museums of Barcelona Absolut BCN 90.5 Classical Human Festival The Method Gun Classical 90.5 Human Festival Fissures (lost and found) Classical 90.5 Human Festival Ground eyebrows for each type of face Web of beauty Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again water implant hair from eyebrows, pupil theatre thing latest in beauty Recipes