Month: December 2016

Atmospheric Autumn Festivals

The temperatures are pleasant, the Sun turns the mountain slopes in a warm light and the first coloured sheets show: autumn is here. The temperatures are pleasant, the Sun turns the mountain slopes in a warm light and the first coloured sheets show: autumn is here. Now it is time to raise cows, sheep and goats from the meadow and celebrate their safe arrival in the Valley. Also the bountiful harvest that farmers have retracted is celebrated. At numerous culinary festivals, visitors can watch the producers over the shoulder, learn interesting facts about the traditions in Tyrol, and of course also taste the delicacies.

Down in the Valley In the autumn the cattle of his vacation is traditional in Tyrol”brought back on the mountain in the Valley. If something happened to any animal, cows & co are beautifully dressed and presented during a procession through the village. At the subsequent feast of the Almanac, the farmers together with locals and visitors celebrate the accident-free return of mountain animals. A particularly beautiful Procession takes place in the small village Tulfes at the foot of the Glungezers. Celebrate, eat and drink autumn time is Festival time in the Hall-Wattens region. In numerous culinary events, locals and visitors celebrate the bountiful harvest and let go himself to food and drink well it. Haller wine autumn makes the start late August.

During this festival the noble grape juice revolves around. The 15 winegrowers offer exclusively Austrian wines of high quality for tasting and purchasing. The social event will be rounded off by traditional wine specialities and live music. At the bio mountain farmer Festival in early September, farmers of North-, East – and Sudttirol, from Salzburg, Trentino and Friuli controls their quality products from the bio offer organically grown on the upper square in Hall in Tirol. The great Autumn Festival of the Haller farmers market takes place end of September and concludes with the culinary festivities. Here the farmers of the region, which all year round every Saturday organize Haller farmer’s market, offer their products and delicacies as well as convenient storage actions for potatoes, apples, and more. The concert by a local band provides the musical accompaniment. Is ideal for a short holiday break package in the autumn the nature lovers. Included are two nights with breakfast or half board, a nature adventure day desire (movelo eBike or guided theme walk), an Outdoorkarte of the region, as well as a little surprise gift from nature. Can be booked with 64.-under. Almanac in Tulfes the almanac in the Kannur farmers held autumn events in the Hall-Wattens region on Saturday, the 5th October 2013, unless the cattle must be driven due to weather conditions earlier. The arrival of the animals on the lawn in front of GasteHaus Kossler (mill route 4) is planned for around 14:00. Haller wine autumn Friday 6th and Saturday, 07 September2013, upper town square Friday 5 pm-22 pm, Saturday 10 am-22 pm bio mountain farmer Festival Saturday, September 14, 2013, Stiftsplatz and upper Saturday, October 05, 2013, offer, upper town square 9 am to 13 pm nature and culture, tradition and modernity, urban flair and rural tranquility town square, Hall in Tirol from 10 am until 5 pm Autumn Festival of the Haller farmers market exciting contrasts and unexpected Symbioses 365 days in the year. Outstanding objectives ranging from the historical old town hall, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds and the Mint Tower Hall to the pilgrimage church in Absam are rich few and far between.

Advertising Web

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Museum Barcelona

It was coincidence that visiting a Museum of geology of Barcelona fotografiase a scale model of the mountain of Montserrat made the year 1919 (not completely made to scale), which is still exposed in several cultural centers of Barcelona. That photo (intended to illustrate my self-published book entitled Montserrat ganga of the Grail) offered me his secret already since before his darkroom. Looking at the negative light I realized a diminutive form of face. I remembered the discovery of a face on the shroud of Turin and went back to the revealed photo that the first time I looked at it not seemed make sense. The miracle was repeated, and I understood that, even without being trained, should strive to divulge it. Once I drew up my report in the book of what might be called the miracle of coincidences, I should refer both to the situation of the holy mountain Catalan (40 km. away from the city), to the ssorprendente configuration of a face according to the light and angle that illuminates the mountain Montserrat.

Such a face as serious as a severe judge and bearded appearance is achieved based on hundreds of slender boulders, making even more unlikely the formation of a face. By the way for high of coincidences Benedictine sanctuary appears on satellite as a sign of color photo on her forehead between the eyebrows of the human face of Montserrat seen from the sky. Decades later, on the occasion of visiting the new Barcelona Science Museum, saw there another great fotosatelite of Montserrat. It looks much more angry than I initially posted, and for high of coincidences, to enlarge it with my PC, I noticed that it includes the roundness of a pupil. In other words, I myself saw this side of the Montserrat fotosatelite grow before my eyes after spending three decades.

I was discovering other similar phenomena later in my efforts to humanize the landscapes. See the results on the grouped links. geocities. com/ramonet_riu/supercaras Ramon Riu Ramonet (from Barcelona Spain) I am catalan, married and resident in Barcelona. I am a career investigator of cultural topics. Trtabajo full time though I am currently retired. I have several websites synthesizing my research… and furturos projects. Related blogs the most important museums of Barcelona Absolut BCN 90.5 Classical Human Festival The Method Gun Classical 90.5 Human Festival Fissures (lost and found) Classical 90.5 Human Festival Ground eyebrows for each type of face Web of beauty Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again water implant hair from eyebrows, pupil theatre thing latest in beauty Recipes

Mendoza River

Tourism in Mendoza: Potrerillos, mountain vacation very close to the city of Mendoza, only 69 km, lies the town of Potrerillos, which forms part of the area known as Andean corridor. Potrerillos is an ideal place for those who stay in a hotel 5 stars in Mendoza, and want to make an excursion of mini tourism, to a site where I can go and return the same day. Potrerillos, as many localities in the province, has an unparalleled natural beauty in the world. Majesty in the most appropriate word to describe this incredible natural landscape. Potrerillos will be possible to find an artificial lake of nearly 1500 has surface, which measures 14 km long by three wide. This dam has the function of regulating the mighty Mendoza River, and at the same time produce a large part of the electrical energy used in the region. Potrerillos reservoir lends itself beautifully to practice nautical sports and Lake sports activities.

If you are looking for a place to relax to the Max, come into contact with the flora and local fauna, perform sports that fill of adrenaline, or simply discover a landscape that will be the delight of amateur photographers, Potrerillos is the ideal place.The embalse de Potrerillos is ideal for the practice of nautical sports and Lake sports activities. If you are looking for a place where to relax, come into contact with the local fauna and flora, sports that fill of adrenaline, or simply discover a landscape that would fill of pleasure to photographers hobbyists, Potrerillos is the right place. The town of Potrerillos has several places where wildlife lovers may camp, do horseback riding, or hiking to discover truly dream places. In addition, Potrerillos boasts a full called Vallecitos ski resort. Vallecitos is the place where large number of lovers of winter activities come to learn and improve is in their practices, due to the low difficulty posed by these circuits. Also here is where many processes are made of acclimatisation by climbers who wish to venture into the escalation of many challenges offered by the chain of the Andes in the province of Mendoza, as for example the scale to cerro Aconcagua. Those visitors who are looking for something quieter may opt to visit the termas de Cacheuta, which created a complex of exploitation of these rich thermal waters, and where the therapeutic capacity of them can take advantage. The region boasts an important hotel offer, of different levels, from accommodation premium up places for camping, where those who have chosen to spend their holidays in Mendoza may be in full contact with nature that has both blessed this region.