Month: May 2016

The Door

Also it has summoned different caceroladas in front of the city councils from districts and propose municipalities by the minority groups of the movement. Districts: With the idea to transfer the force from the encamped ones to the districts, ' indignados' their efforts in reinforcing their presence in the places of the different districts are trims. First great popular assembly took place 28 of May the past and managed to reunite between 12,000 and 20,000 people in different places from all the Community of Madrid. In order to continue with the movement and to continue debating the best form to obtain a great political and social change, new meetings for the next days have been summoned. Encamped of Sun: The Door of the Sun has become the last weeks in the symbol of the movement 15-M, of the reluctance of many of the encamped ones to leave the Madrilenian place there.

Nevertheless, this Tuesday remembered raise to the camping the next Sunday and continue driving the platform through other routes. Although the debate continues east Wednesday with the proposals of which they want to remain, the encamped one will rise the day 12, but that the general assembly will continue so that the movement continues having visibility. Encamped others: Cities like Lleida, Alicante, Cordova, or Pamplona already has struck the camps to undertake " action more concretas". However, the followed steps have been different following the locality, like for example the decision of Barcelona of not spending the night in encamped or the one of Huelva, that will maintain an informative point during the day in its place of the Constitution. Support to associations: The platform of 15-M gives capacity to numerous more minority associations (cultural, pro human rights, ocal, etc.) that of individual form will continue summoning manifestations to dnder their interests, endorsing the principles of the movement. Source of the news: The movement 15-M follows after the rise of the encamped ones


She became put words into lines, the head came snatches of melody, and then the whole song. 'After long days spent in bed – says MALINA,-the first step was incredibly hard, it was a feeling that I was put on the coals, all the muscles have atrophied, very thin – no tears for me it was impossible to watch. Doctors said that, to dance and sing, you forget. But I do not retreat, and in July I was in the supine position again brought to the stadium where were 'race to the bottom'. I was taken by the hand to the scene, placed in front of a microphone, and I'm not moving, trembling from the effort, all singing the same hymn. " She reluctantly said about it, but someone from her close environment spill the beans: it turns out, MALINA before the accident managed to insure.

True, as she collected information and other necessary documents, as humiliating and argued that 'an accident' happened in reality – it's a different story. None However, after about a year and a half ordeal decent amount (MALINA does not want to name the insurance company not to make it extra advertising) has been obtained. By the time her lover moved to Moscow and became quite a prominent figure not only in business but also in the social life of the capital. Who is this man? MALINA refuses to pronounce his name. But they say that since the accident he had never visited her or even called.

Tourism Aesthetic

Viet Nam is not well known in the aesthetic tourism industry, but the quality of care provided by Vietnamese private hospitals should not be underestimated. The city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi, and the station of the city Vung Tao (75 miles (120 km) by car or 37 miles (60 km) in the city of Ho Chi Minh City ferry) are very important aesthetic tourism centers. What makes it attractive to those who choose to perform aesthetic tourism in Viet Nam is its large number of spas and their extremely low prices, which are lower still than those of Thailand and Singapore. Viet Nam has a long history of massage and massage salons professionals by what this service can be found in almost all its cities, with prices exceptionally low. The aesthetic Viet Nam tourism offers a wide range of cosmetic surgeries, such as the facelift, liposuction and breast augmentation.Given that the Spa industry is a newcomer to Viet Nam, there is no legislation in practice.However, their day Spas and hotels have the best service and the best qualified staff. Apart from the aforementioned cosmetic surgeries, dental procedures are also very popular among the tourists aesthetic in Viet Nam, but like the Spa industry, cosmetic surgery is a relatively new phenomenon and therefore there is a lack of official controls of the practice..So, if you choose Viet Nam as aesthetic tourism destination corroborates your clinical experience and prevents those intending to provide treatment with just one hour notice..