May 16

The Door

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Also it has summoned different caceroladas in front of the city councils from districts and propose municipalities by the minority groups of the movement. Districts: With the idea to transfer the force from the encamped ones to the districts, ' indignados' their efforts in reinforcing their presence in the places of the different districts are […]

May 16


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She became put words into lines, the head came snatches of melody, and then the whole song. 'After long days spent in bed – says MALINA,-the first step was incredibly hard, it was a feeling that I was put on the coals, all the muscles have atrophied, very thin – no tears for me it […]

May 16

Tourism Aesthetic

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Viet Nam is not well known in the aesthetic tourism industry, but the quality of care provided by Vietnamese private hospitals should not be underestimated. The city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi, and the station of the city Vung Tao (75 miles (120 km) by car or 37 miles (60 km) in the […]