Month: May 2014

Antje Klann

The new single by Antje Klann – this song on the radio that is self-confident, charming with lots of their own creativity is Antje Klann. She wrote even her own musical, has worked as a singer, presenter and writer. A woman who is simply not be stopped. Their credo is always love life and it will love you”. “With the song this song on the radio” the singer breaks new musical ground. Antje Klann seen the last years as a sweet Princess with great ballads and soulful, gentle songs, you are surprised now by a spirited, dancing, young woman, to inspire the white. “The song this song on the radio” which by this song on the radio about a past love and the feeling of helplessness then, again a little tempered danceable is young and fresh, a great hustle.

Great Pandemic

One soon quarrel if initiated between the adults, led for whom they immediately believed to be necessary a meeting. Knowing that any attempt at this moment would be unfruitful, I looked for to calm to all, saying that we would talk the supper after. Exactly the unsatisfied ones had agreed to mine to seem, but they had continued incapable to relax while our enemies went up to around skies our search. The great weight in my shoulders became lighter when hearing the racket of the helicopter if distanciando of our hiding place. Immediately, one of the patrol crafts communicated in the radio: ' ' End of the nucleus of danger in 30 minutos' '. The message meant that our enemies had ceased the searches for today. We would live for plus a night. The children if had raised, looking us with hope in its eyes.

She has three days more than that the children met confined in this underground station. – Today we will be here. He will be risky excessively to camp there it are. she informed Landmarks, making with that the children demonstrated its disillusionment in sonorous ' ' Ahh ' '. In normal days, us we congregated in them under the light of moonlight, with a fogueira and one supper? the old fashion? , as many called. During the meal, it counted some history on the old world, before the Great Pandemic, as well as my parents they bitterly had counted and later if sorry me.

Today, we would be refugee in the subterranean, incapable to use to advantage the freedom for which we fought. – What such if vocs to ask above all what they had learned? I offered, not supporting to see the expression saddened of the children. Its eyes had shone of happiness when hearing offer. Immediately, they had started if to seat to my redor, being waited my signal for the beginning of the questions.

Fritz – Thuringian Dumplings

The new single from Fritz – Thuringian dumplings conquered a national YouTube: no dad, not spaghetti, no. Thuringian dumplings should be!” Who has touted his favorite meal as tasty, this is the 14 year old FRITZ, who turns out to be the musical honor his body – and stomach Court. The very charming, rolling home made video clip was clicked 1.7 million times on YouTube within a very short time and collects a plethora of fans ever since. But who is the young FRITZ, who sings of the delicious beauty of his homeland in so wonderful naturalness? Even as he was in the first class was, his voice dropped the teachers who invited him to the casting in the choir. Since then he also enthusiastically plays piano and flute. The gifted choral singer, who was born in Zella-Mehlis in the Thuringian forest, and sings in the vocal group of race track sparrows, was just two years ago with years of Schubert’s Ave Maria”, but unfortunately the fate that many adolescent choirboys share with him overtook him: he came into the on March 15, physical and digital releases!

Bert Beel

“The new single vonBert Beel – then perhaps you would prefer n dog Saturday to football, oh man, this is nice, alone in the shower, no Frauengestohn”, or meat from a can, is my beer, and that. The dog can’t cook, you can maybe?”so it says in Bert Beels new title then maybe n dog” by Heinz E. Klockhaus of the wretched man Oh from the soul speaks its urwitziger text. Together with his composers Dr. Christoph Kirchberg Bert wanted to try something new and so a title with real chanconetten atmosphere was casual and relaxed, with much tongue in cheek (and not always very seriously) this title is likely to win off a smile the listener. Included was the dog”in the recording studio of Diepholz for Jumaca music.

Biography: Bert Beel, the Bachelor born on December 1, 1944 in Berlin, is an old acquaintance who is always young for Germany’s pop audience. He receives his – not only external – freshness apparently is due to its carefree, in reality but very concentrated and ambitious attitude to his work as entertainers. Always reinvents himself Bert Beel, never stops, always seeking a challenge and is one of the few artists in Germany which exist also in revues. He sings, dances, moderated, and parodied, and all at the same time he goes every year on tour, on cruise and is socially and moderately high committed charity.

Biggest Limitation

Go that far, as your weakest area allows you to. Read it again: get this far, as your weakest area allows you to. Want to know where your success will come? It's easy: Identify your weakest area. You have a number of abilities they get much more than what you propose. There are steps that you enjoy doing, but others can not. And it agrees that you do not like are the most difficult for you. Well, THOSE are the activities that will decide your growth.

Is there a solution? Of course. The secret is to dare so you do not like. Not only will break the invisible barriers that limit you, but you will become a specialist in this work from the most runs. What limits you? I had a friend who was very good at your job. Always brought new ideas to sell more, I knew that improve internal processes to save the company money and had some excellent reports.

He seemed to have everything to succeed. But the reality is that never improve his salary, or promotion. So you had everything to succeed? All no. It limited its weakest link. He lacked either sell their ideas to peers and bosses to put in place improvements. Your Bottleneck was in convincing the rest of the benefits of their proposals. But it was good socially isolated her shyness. Unable to communicate the benefits of their plans, no one could recognize their worth. A shame for someone so responsible.