May 14

Antje Klann

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The new single by Antje Klann – this song on the radio that is self-confident, charming with lots of their own creativity is Antje Klann. She wrote even her own musical, has worked as a singer, presenter and writer. A woman who is simply not be stopped. Their credo is always love life and it […]

May 14

Great Pandemic

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One soon quarrel if initiated between the adults, led for whom they immediately believed to be necessary a meeting. Knowing that any attempt at this moment would be unfruitful, I looked for to calm to all, saying that we would talk the supper after. Exactly the unsatisfied ones had agreed to mine to seem, but […]

May 14

Fritz – Thuringian Dumplings

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The new single from Fritz – Thuringian dumplings conquered a national YouTube: no dad, not spaghetti, no. Thuringian dumplings should be!” Who has touted his favorite meal as tasty, this is the 14 year old FRITZ, who turns out to be the musical honor his body – and stomach Court. The very charming, rolling home […]

May 14

Bert Beel

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“The new single vonBert Beel – then perhaps you would prefer n dog Saturday to football, oh man, this is nice, alone in the shower, no Frauengestohn”, or meat from a can, is my beer, and that. The dog can’t cook, you can maybe?”so it says in Bert Beels new title then maybe n dog” […]

May 14

Biggest Limitation

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Go that far, as your weakest area allows you to. Read it again: get this far, as your weakest area allows you to. Want to know where your success will come? It's easy: Identify your weakest area. You have a number of abilities they get much more than what you propose. There are steps that […]