Month: May 2011

Alejandro Martinez Rutto

Michel d'Eychem, M. de Montaigne: "The lines of the spirit we become older than the face" Patience louse, that the night is long By: Alejandro Martinez Rutto was Saturday, pay day for those working in the tasks of construction and my father left the house hurriedly, when the sun showed that the midday gave way to afternoon. His goal: get paid for all trips made during the week for which the engineers worked. It was during the seventies and in Maicao large buildings were built, shops and warehouses to store goods. When night fell the old man returned empty-handed: the payment was not established and asked to wait until next Monday. My mother, to comfort him, he picked up one of those of his extensive repertoire and, before to continue with the cries he said "patience louse that the night is long." So our mother used to say, a full-blooded riohachera, when things were complicated and took a color, say, some pro- family interests or desires or hopes.

When she said and we all knew that it was advisable to remain calm and know that the outcome, if favorable, would not be in short time. That night my dad to sleep with no money in their pockets but with the conviction that he should not worry about something that was not in their hands to solve. My mother and his contemporaries, most of them a few years in school, learning communication, language, music and even some literature on the evening gatherings that brought together all children, youth, adults and seniors, to exchange experiences the day.

Building Sites

1. You have decided to make a site. The first question is 'Why?'. Perhaps you have decided to introduce Internet audience with their service. Then, to solve many questions. 1. I guess it makes sense, talking about services to show originality. For example, interior design, offering everything but the interior design for the creative person, for a child – a musician, and so few people.

Rather, all that can, turn you to him, but not everyone is talking about it on the site. The site – your silent representative, and Conceiving make the site, first come up with an original key, which you will give an idea of your firm. Parallel question: whether with the help web studio? The answer – of course should be! But to grasp the nuances of your business, you are required to emotional and full story! As if you no creative manager of a studio sitting and a cool customer! 2. In marketing, there is a concept – a unique selling proposal. Briefly – this is something that should catch the customer it while its competitors. So, on the site it should be! For example, powder paint everything! And here we have several stages of chemical preparation and we deliver products at the customer's warehouse own transportation! 2. Do you have a logo, no logo, you know how to do it or you do not know what should be the site. Often, the customer cares about very insignificant purely technical details. He of how the cap should look like, what should be on site on the left and to the right.