Month: May 2011

Alejandro Martinez Rutto

Michel d'Eychem, M. de Montaigne: "The lines of the spirit we become older than the face" Patience louse, that the night is long By: Alejandro Martinez Rutto was Saturday, pay day for those working in the tasks of construction and my father left the house hurriedly, when the sun showed that the midday gave way to afternoon. His goal: get paid for all trips made during the week for which the engineers worked. It was during the seventies and in Maicao large buildings were built, shops and warehouses to store goods. When night fell the old man returned empty-handed: the payment was not established and asked to wait until next Monday. My mother, to comfort him, he picked up one of those of his extensive repertoire and, before to continue with the cries he said "patience louse that the night is long." So our mother used to say, a full-blooded riohachera, when things were complicated and took a color, say, some pro- family interests or desires or hopes.

When she said and we all knew that it was advisable to remain calm and know that the outcome, if favorable, would not be in short time. That night my dad to sleep with no money in their pockets but with the conviction that he should not worry about something that was not in their hands to solve. My mother and his contemporaries, most of them a few years in school, learning communication, language, music and even some literature on the evening gatherings that brought together all children, youth, adults and seniors, to exchange experiences the day.

Free Update Warez Portal

In this article we will talk about the main benefits and convenience warez portals. After reading an article you've forgotten about the issues where the free download software, games, music, etc. Varese (born warez – slang version wares, abbreviated software – "Software") – a commercial software released for free. Sites dedicated toll-free review of these files are called warez portals or simply vareznikami. Firstly, the main warez portals feature is that the new files on those sites are added almost every five minutes on such sites can be found a large number of very useful software.

In addition to useful programs warez portals, you can download a lot of interesting games, the latest movies, latest music, useful books, rare videos, wallpapers, themes pc and much more. And it's completely free and without registration. Why remember the different sites that require a fee or registration fee or file, when it all can be found on one warez portal. Secondly all the files presented at warez portals are flooded for free sharing services with which you can always download (letitbit, depositfiles, rapidshare, etc) Thirdly, the registration vareznikah absolutely free, very simple and basically takes less than a minute. After registration, the user receives the ability to communicate through the internal mail to other users of the site, if you have questions about the files to ask them to author a post, write comments, respond to them. And separately I will say to those who work with sharing services mentioned above, doing news postings on the warez portals can make good money. I hope your article will be helpful. Below are links to a couple of warez portals.

Video Player

Today dvd discs replaced videocassettes. The disc may have to record a few movies and it's certainly more compact than video cassettes. But still drives the same account to store and search for a specific film on the shelf. With music a similar pattern. A lot of music is pumped out of the Internet and stored on computer hard drives. Gradually, and video takes its place on the Internet.

Many providers are already stored on the servers of large collections of movies. And all this audio and video downloaded and stored on your hard disk. True, much nicer to watch movies on a large tv, lying on the couch than on a computer monitor. But technology is not standing still and there are now audio-video players with hard drives that connect to a home tv. What is it – the player on a hard drive or, in other words, HDD-player? This compact device with the latest e-filling and modern design, which allows to accommodate a standard computer hard drive. The player with a hard disk such as ide 3,5 'capacity of 160Gb. But you can use your hard drive that you remained from the previous computer or buy a new spacious drive. To pc HDD-player connect the usb cable to your tv and audio-video cable.

Now you can write to your hard disk player all your music and movies. So way, you will free up much space on your hard disk, which was previously used as an audio-video store. Excellent! The entire collection is now in one place – on one device. Connect your player to your tv av cable that comes bundled, and the screen you will see a menu that displays all the folders and files on your hard drive. Choose and watch movies, listen to music, show photos to friends on the big screen! Complete supplied remote control, which can carry out any manipulation, from your sofa. One of the features of this novelty lies in the fact that you can take at the box set of discs at once, and rewrite to the hard disk player, it will look when it will want – thereby solving the problem, "he took, but he did not see." The player is not heavy and not bulky – it's very easy to take along. Now, you may find it easier to share movies and photos with friends. It is much simpler and much cheaper than constantly burning discs.

Building Sites

1. You have decided to make a site. The first question is 'Why?'. Perhaps you have decided to introduce Internet audience with their service. Then, to solve many questions. 1. I guess it makes sense, talking about services to show originality. For example, interior design, offering everything but the interior design for the creative person, for a child – a musician, and so few people.

Rather, all that can, turn you to him, but not everyone is talking about it on the site. The site – your silent representative, and Conceiving make the site, first come up with an original key, which you will give an idea of your firm. Parallel question: whether with the help web studio? The answer – of course should be! But to grasp the nuances of your business, you are required to emotional and full story! As if you no creative manager of a studio sitting and a cool customer! 2. In marketing, there is a concept – a unique selling proposal. Briefly – this is something that should catch the customer it while its competitors. So, on the site it should be! For example, powder paint everything! And here we have several stages of chemical preparation and we deliver products at the customer's warehouse own transportation! 2. Do you have a logo, no logo, you know how to do it or you do not know what should be the site. Often, the customer cares about very insignificant purely technical details. He of how the cap should look like, what should be on site on the left and to the right.