High Frequency Welding In The Textile Finishing

T-Shirt quick press GmbH will inform its customers the finishing of textiles creates individual pieces of clothing and highly functional everyday items such as tents, uniforms or even car seat covers. Check with MMA to learn more. The most versatile finishing processes include high frequency welding here no doubt. Originally used for the processing of plastics, this technology also has a wide range of applications where it is necessary to enhance textiles and other materials. The results of high-frequency welding are widely used. From the cover of a book about individual name and door plates and widely used plastic packaging, high-frequency welding allows the manufacture of various products. Quick Erlangen textile printers press enrich their extensive range in the traditional textile printing with high-frequency-welded products.

High-frequency welding, a strong electric field is applied to the materials to be joined by high frequency. Dipolar molecules, as they come under his influence in many types of plastic are included in vibration, creating friction heat. Liquefied by the heat, the materials to be welded under pressure join together permanently. The effect of high-frequency welding covers only materials which consist of dipolar molecules. But also such materials can be welded by means of welding help films or special adhesives, which have no corresponding property, such as textiles. During their finishing high frequency welding technique they are connected with various plastics, to obtain optical, haptic and functional effects. Typical examples of finished textiles represent pieces of clothing for professional purposes, merchandise or banners and flags.

In functional terms allows the connection of plastic fabrics and textiles producing highly weather-resistant clothing, tents and other items. Due to the permanent, fixed welding of plastic and textile fiber, such products are extremely robust. Further to all applications of textile finishing using high-frequency welding questions quick Erlangen textile printing experts press at any time.