To know what is the best product or how to remove cellulite, it is very important that we know how to identify the type of cellulite that we suffer and why has been formed in our body. Cellulite does not discriminate age and may even appear in the bodies of athletes due to the food to which they are subjected to gain muscle and strength to Excel in their sport. Broadly speaking we can say that there are 5 types of cellulite: widespread cellulite: that is the one that occurs only in obese women. It begins at puberty and is increased as the years pass. The localized cellulite: is one that comes to generate some kind of pain. The main areas where stands are legs, abdomen, buttocks, ankles, the lower part of the arms and the top of the back. Mostly in women whose ages range between 16 and 20 years is seen. Hard cellulite: this type of cellulitis is manifested above all in athletes or dancers and is caused by the lack of oxygenation and exposure to a bad nutrition.

Let us remember that athletes must undergo stringent diets, in which many times omitted any nutrient or element in the food pyramid. Flabby cellulite: is what appears in the sedentary people or those who were quite active but which are no longer so. And also in people who were subjected to treatments to lose weight but who have returned to bloat. Sagging appears the lack of tone the skin but this can be recovered through the exercise. Edematous cellulite: is that located in the lower limbs and is more common in teens and young adults. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.