Drying Equipment

Dryer equipment market in China the status quo and the current needs of the conventional drying equipment for the domestic market, as well as major international markets drying equipment, basic manufactured in China. This suggests that the drying equipment import-oriented history has ended. However, there are still some problems and difficulties, China General Machinery Drying Equipment Industry Association forecast the next few years, China s demand, the chemical industry drying equipment 3000 (set); pharmaceutical drying equipment demand will reach 3000 (sets); Agriculture, forestry, food, light industry and other industries, such as drying equipment, the annual demand is expected to reach 5000 (sets). At present, the drying equipment in the domestic market share has reached more than 80% coal gasifier manufacturers. At present, the commonly used drying machinery in inorganic salt industry generally include: tube rotary dryer, rotary dryer, continuous disc dryer, air dryer heating indirect (including press airflow, rotating flow, positive and negative of two stage flow), spin flash dryer, rotary drum dryer, spray dryer (including granulation, powdery, centrifugal type, pressure type), vibration fluidized bed dryer, static vacuum dryer, hot air circulation oven, rake type, the blade type vacuum drier, boiling dryer (horizontal, vertical) etc. These drying equipments offer the quality guarantee for the products, however, the problem of dust collection from the end gas is generally existing in the drying process. As a result of the continuously increasing of the nanoscale products, the original size of the particle is increasingly finer, and the paste material moisture potential increase, coupled with the enterprise continuously develops towards large scale, more and more enterprises long for the combined drying equipment.

Especially for some large tonnage products, regardless of the occupied area of the equipment or the products or the dust collection from the dried tail gas, the quantity is very large. To a service-oriented brand integrity, As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of machinery, conveyor belt like mining, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.sand washing equipment: As with thet widely used press bag dust collector at present by the industries, the operating environment is very bad, we must take effective measures to solve them. Therefore, we hope that the equipment researching unit emphasis on solving two problems, one is of the high water content drying the paste, two is the dust collection of the tail gas after the materials be dried. Therefore, combination drying equipment shall include: heat source equipment, primary or secondary drying equipment, gas dust collection equipment. All of the customers hope the drying equipment with high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, simple configuration, convenient control and so on, so that to develop the better and more welcomed drying equipment. If the drying problems existing in inorganic salt industry solved and realized high efficiency and environmental, the other varieties of drying problems will be readily solved. Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China s economic growth potential have been effectively release, the relationship between supply and demand by the shortage economy produces a fundamental change, buyer s market preliminary formed. In the pressure of buyer s market, some enterprises are after market rather than to seek and explore the market, and the enterprises focus on accessories in the more market demand or the recently developed. Therefore manufacturers are more concentrated in oven, vibration fluidized bed, spray dryer and other common products and the competition is unusually intense. We should to research and develop new products to change the status quo.