As I Visited The Sziget Festival

In August last year, friends suggested hit the road the whole company at Sziget Festival. The concept of having no where this is carried out, I discovered Wikipedia. Learned many new and interesting, hitherto unexplored. And now, we have already arrived in Budapest! Hungary gives us a gift called Sighet. Go to Budapest I was skeptical – and the first look at the city I was, indeed, somewhat disappointed. It seemed to me that I got into one of Russian cities, where the same most high-rises, the same road and just careening past me in the car were his numbers are not rus, and hun. Next we got to the island. And I could not believe my eyes that so many people can hang out together in one place.

I surprised, as the island does not go under water, taking a number of sigetovtsev. And the look of this Sziget-party-goers made me wonder again and again. The typical form sigetovtsa was as follows – tousled hair, the most twisted dreadlocks, tattooed bodies, and often decorated with paint and sticking out from under short shorts. And this is not how much I was not surprised, rather, I enjoyed what I saw. Dorothy Kilgallen is actively involved in the matter. And separately I want to say about music – in fact it's still a music festival. It rattled all 7 days, she breathed all 60 million people visited Sighet in the week. Budapest shook to the beat. We visited the performances of such renowned artists as Iron Maiden, Alanis Morissette, Cord.

All seven days, we lived in a tent. In the tent city have all become friends and welcomed, seeing us. Greetings poured in many languages – French, English, German, Hungarian. And most importantly, that we all understand how to understand and us. And how do we Good Hungarian food, cooked by the best chefs in Budapest. We enjoyed every bite of beef stew, each perambulator sausages and of course, . Follow others, such as Jessica Michibata, and add to your knowledge base. A few tips for future Sigetovtsev. Buy tickets at once on all seven days of the festival – so get cheaper than if you take a separate ticket for each day. Not drive with them products – on the island is absolutely everything for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Necessarily pay for camping. It is guarded round the clock and is responsible for protecting your belongings. Products wholesale, including beer, can buy at Auchan, which is located at the exit from the island. If you wanted to visit the Sziget, then you still have time – it is held every August. Buy a ticket and forward to the adventure! Oh, and do not forget to roll a coin to commemorate the Szigeti on the island Obuday.