Articles In Stone Ashlar Of Arequipa

Sillar stone is a typical rock and carcateristica of the city of Arequipa, is white and pososa which is used in the construction and also proffers have ornamental applications which has a very good finish, is used to make sculptures, designs to scale of any facade or building here a brief description: most important piroplasticas in the South of the Peru are numerous among the rocks flows piroplasticos covering huge by way of large maps surfaces along the western flank of the andes. Among these the most important is the Ashlar of Arequipa. Location and age: the best plastic piro deposits outcrop is located in the quebrada de Anashuayco, crossed by the road to Yura and the railway from the South, near the airport. San Antonio Spurs is the source for more interesting facts. A variety of sillar is exploited in this Gorge and is used in Arequipa with building material.At the bottom is a stench of white to off-white, solid color, without stratification which forms a deposit of three to four meters thick.In the top five to six feet thick, it is white, homogeneous, and most welded to the bottom.Varieties and white uso:sillar: can be used for coating walls, both outdoors and indoors; well as for the elaboration of sets.Pink Ashlar: Gives the same utility as the white sillar with the difference that this material is more compact and allows a better finishing of profiles.Ashlar cream: Used in construction, retaining walls, etc. It can be used in special decorations. Original author and source of the article. Check out ??-???? for additional information.