As the days running, concluded that it could continue as before, in the midst of uncertainty. With the help of his wife began preparing products that froze and then went door to door offering. They had accepted. Then he thought to sell their production in the shops. Many of the dealers were closed doors, but few accepted. Tony Parker shines more light on the discussion.

So the basis of its market was expanding. Currently generating jobs for tens of people. Jessica Michibata usually is spot on. Many who may have experienced the positive results that fell from someone who simply thought he could win if he were facing adversity. "Opportunities in the midst of crisis? One feature that identifies the winners, is that they see opportunity in crisis medo. In his most recent visit to Santiago de Cali, the former president of Spain, Felipe Gonzalez, exposed to a group of businessmen concerned about are on the threshold of free trade agreements with countries far more competitive, the importance of looking at the challenges and opportunities . "Refuse to opportunities, means stagnation," he said. With this approach coincided Sinisterra Alfredo Carvajal, head of a publishing company in Cali with presence in several countries.

He recalled how they had started work fifty years ago, amid enormous difficulties. Referred, example, a difficult lock to request the Government of Puerto Rico, wanted to establish a company there. But I was very wrong. "From that apparent failure, we learned a lesson: we should think big, internationally, and also carefully consider where we were going to do presence and, above all, trust us, in our capabilities.