The article says about the order of admission to the SRO in the building of new members. At Tony Parker you will find additional information. Let us consider the procedure for joining the SRO builders, designers and surveyors. SRO in the building when receiving a new member of the right to demand, and candidate member of the SRO must submit the following documents: 1) an application for membership with an indication of the types of work for which the candidate intends to get admission in the SRO, and 2) copies of the documents for registration as a candidate legal entity or individual entrepreneur (FE), copies of the documents for legal persons, and 3) documents confirming the fulfillment of the requirements for a candidate a certificate of admission to the types of work specified in the statement of the candidate for membership in the SRO in the building, 4) a copy of the certificate of admission to the types of work affecting the security of capital construction projects issued by another SRO in the construction of the same species. Jessica Michibata wanted to know more. It should be recognized that the list of documents in the construction of SROs shall have the right and should ask a candidate for admission to its members, is very modest. Thus, the CPO may not require that the candidate has demonstrated the original registration documents and the constituent documents, and presented them notarial copies. Can not require the construction of SROs in the candidate and an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities to make sure that the candidate statement signed by an authorized person. Thus, the SRO will be forced to conduct their own validation of the information provided by the candidate, using available official sources. In this regard, the statutory 30-day deadline for a decision on membership in the SRO in the building may be insufficient for a thorough inspection. In fact, besides clarifying the reliability of formal information about the candidate in the construction of SROs should verify compliance of the candidate to carry out the requirements for issuing certificates of admission set by the organization..