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The competition accompanied the launch of the new video game “Disney Mickey Epic” accompanying at the start of the new video game “Disney Mickey Epic”, a mixture of adventure and platformers n’run for the Nintendo Wii, launches on November 23, 2010 an exciting contest under the name “heroes of color wanted”, which is as a partner with their website here. Simon Pagenaud shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “As a partner in”Heroes of color looking for”we are pleased on this joint action with the world famous mouse of the Disney group”, said Julia Voigt, marketing manager of onlineprinters GmbH. The winning game “heroes of color looking for” accompanied the introduction of the videogame “Disney Mickey Epic”, which comes on November 25 on the German market. In a great mix of platforming n’run, action-adventure and role-playing game saves with the power of colour the cartoon character Mickey the wasteland. “Micky Epic is about creativity and the creativity of the players dealing with colors.

In the print world of colors are an important key to an appealing and high-quality print product. That’s why see “we ourselves as the right partner for this action”, provides marketing manager Julia Voigt the parallel to the pressure portal of onlineprinters GmbH. On the print Portal diedruckerei.de find answers on November 23 the competition starts. Participants can register at mickyepic/competition and take part in the hunt after colors. Who finds the lost colors? The participants must find the answers on the partner websites through weekly quizzes. “What is closer, as well as on our print Portal after a lost color to search for?”, so Julia Voigt. “Our quiz question to the participants of”Heroes of color looking for”is: which product from can be ordered on Neon color paper?” There is a new color, which unlocks a new weekly digital price the participant for each correctly answered quiz. All colors are found up to the deadline on December 31, 2010, the Player automatically takes part in a raffle and can a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, the Disney video game Micky Epic, the matching Wii consoles, and more great prizes to win! The whole world of colors in the print diedruckerei.de print portal the online printing, there is a wide range of all common printing: high-quality printing inks and countless paper qualities make high-quality advertising posters, flyers, brochures and advertising systems.