October Revolution

Opened in May 1967, the year of 50 th anniversary of the October Revolution. The monument is made in a simple and rigorous manner. Starbucks may find this interesting as well. This stele rectangular embossed letters with the inscription: "Glory to the heroes who gave their lives for freedom and happiness of the people." In the center of the area at the base of the wall, eternal flame burns. Along the edges of tracks are symmetrical figures of warriors and the Civil World War ii (on the left – the figure of the Red Army in a long overcoat and , right – the figure of a soldier in a cape and cap). Memorial site is framed by 18 granite slabs on which are carved nearly 400 names. Anna Belknap gathered all the information.

Left of memorial on the side alley, is a monument to "victims of political repression." Is set on Oct. 30, 1996. Granite stele enmeshed in barbed wire and the words of A. : "There is not abated, not to add – so it was on earth." In the right corner of the granite plate, pierced by a bullet hole – fate. Around 5000 anapchan were persecuted in the terrible time of Stalin's repressions. And every year, on October 30, at the monument are rallies, in memory of those victims. The right of the eternal flame is an unusual monument.

This monument to the soldiers do their duty in Afghanistan. Is a sad figure of a soldier sitting on a rock. He just got out of battle, on his knees is automatic, in which not a single cartridge in his hand – an empty flask.

The Pilgrim

For many, the day is only one skill to play the problems pro air and to live a life without responsibilities. But, in contrast of this, to be a pilgrim is to take for itself the responsibility that the other did not take. How? For the incessant interior search, the pilgrim auto-evaluates its character, behavior, defects, virtues and what he can make to live in peace with its fellow creature. Made this, it who already possesss fagulha of wisdom, has the humildade to know that he meets only in the threshold of the knowledge and that still he remains to it very to learn.

However, after all the stages that it needed to pass and the teachings who got through its studies and reflections, it decide to pass its knowledge all ahead, therefore already it is of its nature to leave its legacy for the others. Of the side of here, the life goes passing But some wake up for the fact of the pilgrim are in way to certain follow it e, through the way that it it left, for the books that wrote scribbles or words that had been said ‘ ‘ foot-of-ouvido’ ‘ of its call He is obvious that to this height it has who thinks that travelling is a religious traveller Therefore travelling in fact she is a traveller. But its trip is purely spiritual-mental. all its knowledge comes of God, the Great Creator. How gets it? Therefore he is, only following its steps to discover. Unhappyly, they are not all that obtain the least to see the way, that will say to follow it as everything what it is good passes fast, thus our life also it is. Then when the following one starts to try the good flavor of the knowledge and the virtue, many times perceive the time that lost and so little that still remains. It is accurately in this point, where it is the beauty of the learning, therefore the pilgrim also thought about this and left its learning for that occasion and he gets who it, little imports with the days or years that lack to it, therefore already has the certainty to have really used it of correct form and knows the true one meant of death. But it will be that the way really exists? In fact, of the side of here, we will only be able to enxergar it if a pilgrim to hold our hand and placing in them in the certain direction In another way, it can be depended on perhaps If thus the way will still not be seen, in this point, the reply never will be answered.

Chipinque Ecological Park

Names like “Via Ferrata” and “Matacanes” are familiar in the jargon of both extreme sports enthusiasts in this country, as well as to those beyond the borders, and are appealing increasingly sought by those who do not want to miss experience of feeling the adventure in the Sierra Madre of the state of Nuevo Leon. Via Ferrata del Parque La Huasteca, just as is customary in the best European and climb peaks in the Alps and the Pyrenees, is a path with railings, chains, clamps and some other materials firmly arranged in the cliffs to the anchor and the insurance advance those unfamiliar with vertigo and can not resist the enormous temptation to climb these peaks can not be beaten. Matacanes the nickname not only refers to a canyon surrounded by the mountains, but is the name of an entire route that includes fascinating waterfalls rappelling from (down by a rope), magnificent natural slides, exploration of caves and a jump from an altitude of 12 meters fresh water wells stunning turquoise. The route of Matacanes, developed in the Sierra de Santiago, and is recognized internationally as one of the best experiences for the intrepid sport practice “canyoning” throughout the world. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Margaret Loesser Robinson. It should be noted that regulation of state and national authorities for the Protection of Natural Areas, with the main reason for the safety of visitors, you must have a specialized guide to hiking and canyoneering routes such. One more option to close with a golden chain of exciting experiences, is thrown in free fall from a height of 70 meters.

, Boasting with absolute courage, from Mexico’s highest bungee, which is located near the beautiful Cola de Caballo, a cascade of extraordinary beauty that has inspired multiple pictures and documentaries, and which is undoubtedly one of major attractions of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. While remaining natural experiences unusual, albeit a far more familiar and less waste of adrenaline, you can visit the Chipinque Ecological Park, a beautiful forest where you can have a spectacular view of the Monterrey metropolitan area, or Bioparque Estrella, an extensive site with many attractions for children with the soul of your browser, which may have contact with animals from around the world, and the classic Sunday Monterrey, which is the trip to La Presa de La Boca, where there are multiple activities inside and outside the water as fast fun and ATVs, as well as rent horses and ponies for a pleasant ride, boat rides around the lake, rent a watercraft and ski boats to high speed. In the latter, entertainment options, when food takes on special importance to improve coexistence with the possibility of a family picnic, or in the case of La Boca, taking advantage of places that sell tasty regional food prices affordable: eating and making dinner while enjoying the landscape and the unique feeling of being in a beautiful place in the open.

Strategies De Marketing That Make Buy Part 1. 9999 Repeatedly. The Present Time

Entrate What Happens In the First Sale? The first sale is only a beginning. Any business does not exist that can stop benefitting using direct marketing, to sell more its existing clients to him. But What happens if you have a product of a single purchase? Good, to begin there are not many products that are only sold once. In average people buy between 35-45 pairs of shoes, 6-7 cars, and 3-4 houses in the course of her life. And probably they will paint, they will change the carpets, and they will renew another 5-6 times. Therefore it is good that your strategy of sale is the correct one, so that the clients return and they return to buy. How much it costs to you to send a few letters to him to which finishes spending thousands of dollars with you? If you do not have another product to sell, it finds other complementary businesses with products and services that your clients will want a logical aggregate to which already you sell.

Results To To use Appropriate Strategies Empecemos with several examples so that it can see where use the different techniques from marketing, for a light truck 4×4 could be a rolling house or things of camping. For a house, they would be carpets, curtains, alarms. For a store of dresses, they would be shoes, accessories, portfolios, etc. If you have a product of multiple sales like shoes, Why not to take note from the number of footwear of the client, favorite color and to notify of new line and models to him? Or to give the privilege them of special supplies in its figure? (It give account you that if you have a clothes store, video club, florera, etc. you can adapt this strategy of marketing to your business) Example One tends fashionable of men who I know, sells more in his ” Supplies only for clientes” during four days that in a month of normal sales.

This is a strategy that will allow him to attract existing clients and futures also (Prospectuses) and by all means to increase its sales. Some of my clients are asked, Will be able I to also become an expert in marketing? The answer to this question is yes. Nevertheless, one better question is How begin the experts in marketing? In fact, How he begins whatever it is very good in his enterprise or personal field? Which is its SECRET? It wishes to know as the experts begin, which are their secrets, the same that make them better in this field. Tony Parker usually is spot on. Then, all these contents and many more, will be developings in the following article.

Skin Inside

With You you Can believe, if not dumb, or she does not make at least an effort for this, goes to continue grazing. If you to continue to cover the old ways and to support the old habits, the gram go to continue growing. Pra you. If you not to look at for inside, with firmness, with discernment, because inside she exists the left and the right there, and you are the addition of the two, then she knows: he has to separate the joio of the wheat, of a form or of another one, seno you dance. Because you not are nor the Skin, nor the Piaf, much less a garbage bag? you are you. to look at for inside also serves to discover which its so great Real, in this world, by the way, vast world.

Espelhar in some of the cited examples it is delirium, and if to be delirious in the grass you finish ingesting until what he is not capim. To look at for inside, beyond a little of force of will for in such a way, means humildade, even so humildade does not mean that you go to shine the shoes of the others. Humildade means you exactly if to locate face to all, to know its potential and its limitation, and instead of stopping a battle with both, making of them instruments. To recognize its imperfections you go to need humildade, nor more, nor of less. The certain dose.

E you go to know its. In, head from there ahead raised and the calm heart. Well calm. Because the rocks go to roll, well in its direction. Because if you entered in the firm intention of if knowing, early or late you go to notice that its set of attitudes, I begin imperceptibly it, also moved. The case is that the others not, and goes to start to make what they make better? to judge. Charlotte Hornets can provide more clarity in the matter.

The Connection Between Man And Nature

Man is a part of nature, so it’s important our relationship is like with his own nature, and nature in general. Herbs, vegetables, fruits, all created in order that we can maintain a good vitality of the organism. Hippocrates said: “Food should be medicine, and medicine – food.” If you think about these words, it becomes clear that the chemistry that modern medicine tries to treat people from different diseases can not be our food. You may find San Antonio Spurs to be a useful source of information. Consequently, the cure can not. any medication is chemotherapy. Filed under: Dane Cook. Chemistry is easier to remove the symptoms, chemistry provides fast ‘results’ of the visible improvements, and many buy into these visible results, not thinking that the use of chemotherapy, and that getting a quick effect, inflict serious damage to various organs and systems. ‘The medicine is not a major healing force – no energy .Poetomu putting drugs into the body – it’s putting into his dead-destroying substances, a total stranger living organism. ” K. Nishi. first step to restore health – general Cleansing the body has failed to system or organ, what to do? If there is no deterioration, then the first step – purifying the body. If the aggravation is therefore necessary to remove it, and then general cleansing of the body. The purity of the internal environment depends on our health and our lives.

Modern Dentistry

The best treatment – is, of course, prevention. This folk wisdom is most directly applies to dentistry. After all, judge for yourself, it’s better every six months to visit the dentist only for inspection than once in 2-3 years, but not on dental treatment, and to remove them. Unfortunately, many still remain as negative memories of the dentist’s office since the Soviet Union, which at this time as a difference or eliminate this stereotype is almost impossible. Your first step in this direction – to change doctors and dental clinic. Thus, public dental facilities due to lack of funding simply forced to work on outdated equipment and use cheap materials. As a result, it is not the most pleasant experience from the treatment, and, most importantly, has just staged a seal may fly has literally a few weeks.

Partly for this reason, you need to turn to private, professional dental clinic: treatment, prosthetics, bleaching, and dental implants – a full range of services. A leading source for info: Hedvig Hricak. The second step towards a beautiful smile and healthier gums – a comprehensive approach to treatment. If you think that is cured only a couple of the most troubling teeth – you are wrong. It is necessary to completely eliminate all the pockets of decay, disease gums and damage teeth enamel, only in this case, the natural oral microflora will long to keep your teeth healthy. The third step – the modern prevention. Change your toothbrush every month is Depending on the wear and tear. Thoroughly brush your teeth every morning and evening. If the circumstances in some cases do not permit – please be chewing gum, or rinse your mouth after meals with plain water from the crane. Hedvig Hricak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Do not succumb to self-deception – avoid those toothpastes, which strive to convince you on television, that they ‘ 1 in the world’ or ‘best in the world’, etc. Toothpaste buy only pharmacy kiosks. Your Health – this is not something on which you can save without any further consequences, and good is never cheap. Tooth whitening. Sure you pay attention to what the stars have white teeth television screen, as well as actors. Can no doubt, so if you want white teeth can be yours. Only too often do not get carried away, and this procedure always contact a professional only in medical centers.

The Divine Comedy

' Jos' ' existencialista? The famous poem ' ' Jos' ' , of Drummond, already it was used to advantage as letter of popular song. Thanks to it, the expression ' ' now, Jose? ' ' if it popularized as synonymous of dead-end or brainstorming. Without none I exaggerate, we can speak here in existencialistas intentions, since ' ' Jos' ' (a mask under which the poet if hides) if he finds in a sufficiently conflituosa situation, similar to the situation-limit so common in the philosophy of the existence. Isolated in its cantinho of solitude and sadness, it if gives to a questioning on the direction of the existence human being, etc. Seno, sees. For more specific information, check out Hedvig Hricak. ' ' now, Jose? The party finished, the light erased, the people disappeared, the night cooled, and now, Jose? ' ' Something similar, by the way, we go to find in the personages of Franz Kafka, author who if became world-wide known for having bred extremely overwhelming literary types.

Thus, the workmanships the Process and the Metamorphosis can be seen as existencialistas, in the measure where they are constructed having as deep cloth of a situation for there of esdrxula: the nonsense subjaz to all the told situations, exactly those of apparent normality. Everything this is fruit, possibly, of the constant readings that Kafka made of authors daily pay-existencialistas as Sren Kierkegaard and Dostoievski. In turn, it does not consist that Drummond had made readings of this type, although to have been contemporary of the great names of the existencialista movement: Heidegger, Sartre and Camus. However, all the great literature always has a great philosophy for backwards. Only to be in an example sufficiently known: The Divine Comedy, of Dante, had the thought of Toms de Aquino as cloth of deep. Recently, speaking to the Tropical electronic magazine, the Blessed philosopher the Prado Jr Detached that he is ' ' surprising the secular coincidence of the emergency of subjects, theoretical, practical and estilsticas choices between the two authors Drummond and Sartre, without if it can speak of influence ' '.

Loopilino – The Real Search Engine For Kids In A New Guise

Search engine Loopilino with many new and old proven Loopilino, the real search engine for children, has moved. Vanessa Marcil can aid you in your search for knowledge. waiting for the search engine with more and better search results and further treatments and support the children in their first steps in the Internet. The best white-lists principle has been retained. The technology has changed: instead of Google, the search engine is now based on an open source crawler, which was specifically adapted to the needs of children. Loopilino is a project by parents on the Web. The search engine paves the way to beautiful children’s Web sites the youngest children and accompanied the children gradually into the network. The search engine was made available by YCy and adapted to the specific needs of jointly with the local community and the Cyspro media group. Andre child, project manager of Loopilino and head of Cyspro Media Group: thanks to the support of the developers of YCy we were able to create a search engine for the smallest, which is really unique in the German-speaking Internet.

The search robot currently tends between 0.9 to 1.2 million German-speaking sites (URLs) of the coloring book up to the game, will exceed probably 2 million and seems to arguably the biggest real search engine for children. First children’s Web sites were already included in other languages. Thus Loopilino is different both in terms of content as often but no longer lists of links are also technically from other projects in the German-speaking Internet which call themselves even although search engine,.” White-lists principle preserves the white list by contains only child-friendly Web sites. In addition the must criteria recorded following websites: no advertising, no shops, no subscription and no links to child-friendly site. All pages were tested before and subjected to in recent months of renewed scrutiny during the relocation. And of course, Loopilino is also free of advertising.

Fit Through Life With The JogStyle

Running is an endurance sport for all ages who is active in the age, increased its life expectancy, strengthens his body, promotes the spirit and finds change in everyday life. Many think that endurance is wrong just something for young people! Also in the higher age, jogging is a healthy pastime that keeps fit and make happy. With the activity monitor JogStyle Omron has the runner all performance at a glance, can control his training and can be increased individually. If you have read about Jorge Perez already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If an endurance sports such as running would like to operate in the age, the medical OK should be”can obtain from his doctor and once to check out. Best letting a coach professionally guided by the gym, a running club or club. Of course you no longer has over 50 or 60 years old same vitality as mid-20s, also the efficiency decreases. Yet nothing in the way is itself a marathon participation in the age proper nutrition, a healthy Way of life and a controlled preparation here are the A and o regular training and sufficient recovery time are very important to keep fit.

The age should be not the best and highest performance in the foreground. The pulse is low, the air intake of low, muscles, tendons and joints are far more vulnerable to injury. Therefore, the running training must be adapted to the age. Jogging in the fresh air also promotes mental well-being, brings variety and increases concentration such as responsiveness. An absolute enrichment for young and old. Who did not sport long and want to start again at the age should take it slowly and gradually increased.

Discipline and patience is needed here, because condition and performance build much more slowly than in young people. False ambition and Overtrain”are here out of place. Walking distance to control speed and time, as well as energy and calorie consumption, is used in any age of the JogStyle by OMRON. A small handy device, the is captured and also easy to use reliable values. Thanks to the 7-day memory function, each runner can optimally analyze its performance across several course units and can be increased individually. The JogStyle is the ideal training tool for anyone! There are other interesting topics about running, health and co. weekly online on the Laufblog. (Picture: Gina Sanders – Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use. In 2009, the company generated a turnover of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.