Mar 16

Artistic Parquet

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Artistic parquet – a kind of parquet flooring, where the plate is not just stacked in a certain way, and woven into intricate patterns of the original, combining both traditional wood and exotic. Parquet, together with the palace outlets belong to the elite parquet. In the production of widely used breeds such as Merbau, Jatoba, […]

Sep 15

Stories From Life Of Warren Buffett

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Life history of Warren Buffett. In the late 50's of last century, America's textile industry is going through difficult times. Company Berkshire Hathaway barely making ends meet. Benjamin Graham – professor, writer and investment manager, had almost bought the shares of this company, but at the last moment changed his mind. At the same time […]

Jan 15

Cheaper Cottages

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Economy-class segment is undeveloped cottage market, but more and more developers are turning their attention on this niche. Proposals at this level tend to differ little from each other. Cottage Village 'Russian patterns "- a brilliant representative of the economy class. In this village you can buy a simple piece of land and land with […]