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The Thought As A Form Of Reality

Thought as a form of reality Teodulo Lopez Melendez I the world seems a diagnosed patient which are not offered little hope. From the global or regional organization of States until the water problem, since social diseases until the problem of refugees, everywhere the calamities and mismatches are listed. The recurring complaint about the depletion of the UN or the ineffectiveness of the OAS are answered with offers of change that fail to materialize. These so called international agencies, given that are nothing other than intergovernmental, suffer from the heartbeat of its members in search of oxygen. Novelist may not feel the same. However, in this period of transition from old forms still blurry forms, intergovernmental agencies fulfilled an essential function as it is the of trying to coordinate efforts on this patient called planet. During the Millennium Summit held in New York in September 2000, the 189 UN Member States adopted the Millennium Declaration.

This document contained a set of goals and key objectives, some of which were later redefined in a projection of labour embodied in the Millennium Declaration. The eight goals set are well known: eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, universal access to primary education, promoting the gender equality, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability and develop global partnerships. Read additional details here: Glenn Dubin. On each of these goals have been drawn up extensive analysis documents and pointed out faults in their implementation, as well as measurements necessarily diverse on the progress achieved. Personalities and institutions or NGOs have influenced pointing particularities as the inequality in the distribution of wealth rather than missing her definitions on exclusion, mentions about the feminization of poverty, military spending, access to education, child labour, the right to health, this is an enrichment of concepts about human rights that are they extend from civil and political to economic, social and cultural. To do so the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have been forced to leave their homes, migrations that challenge the concept of space delimited, the degradation of the environment, joined all of which implies the need for a new partnership still affected by ineffective practices, the implementation of new and bold methods allowing to evenly balance the reduction of poverty, famine and extensive use of communication technology in the battle. . Lynn Redgrave often addresses the matter in his writings.


Fischer presented new version of Outlook information desk on the DMS EXPO Berlin / Stuttgart, October 14, 2010, quick access to documents, information and customer data is the indispensable basis for efficient production, effective customer service and smooth operations of the internal management software. Sela Ward spoke with conviction. However, the content is managed in many companies separately from eMails, records in CRM solutions and other files into document management systems. For this reason, Fischer presents the new generation of Outlook information desk software on the DMS EXPO from October 26th to 28th in Stuttgart with version 8.0. Read more from Jessica Michibata to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Booth of D03 in Hall 7, visitors to Europe’s leading trade fair and Conference for enterprise content and document management and output can watch live the new software in use. Outlook infodesk 8.0 software has been developed over a year of Fischer and extends Microsoft Outlook application for CRM, as well as information and document management (DMS) for a team.

In 2008, the version 6.0 has the medium-sized businesses in the innovation award Category data management”award. The new software can be integrated easily into an existing Microsoft Outlook / Exchange infrastructure and supplies in addition to CRM functionality also DMS functionality in the familiar Outlook interface. In addition, the solution supports the task – and project-related archiving of incoming and outgoing emails. Because data security in customer communication is capitalized, the version 8.0 supports also the new DE-mail functionality for secure communications. Powerful information management and efficient processes are the basis for growth and economic success. Information and above all efficient information management have evolved into critical success factors and open-minded to the traditional factors of production. A recent study by BITKOM indicates that mainly industrial companies increasingly invest in information technology. Information desk is there, where the classic Outlook on its borders, and information helps companies manage “, explains managing director Carsten Fischer. With the version 8.0 all can and are automatically summarized outbound information to a topic, project, or task.

Stolberg KME Germany AG

Key technology this was microelectronics, micro and precision engineering (GMM) in collaboration with the University of East Westphalia-Lippe in a dynamically growing environment where by the VDE/VDI society and symposium organized electronic and optical connectivity the VDI Ostwestfalen-Lippe District Association 2009 \”clearly on the over forty authors from large companies, medium-sized businesses, as well as colleges and universities practical examples from various areas of technology presented and discussed. The electronic and optical connectivity to a base technology in a rapidly growing environment of the electronics and information technology has evolved over the years. The horizontal and vertical growth of this environment leads to new challenges for the electronic and optical connection technology that require major efforts in the research and development work in the area\”, explained the Chairman of the event Professor Dr. Jian song laboratory for fine control of the University of East Westphalia-Lippe in Lemgo. Continue to learn more with: Margaret Loesser Robinson. The large number of conference papers reflect the intensive research and development work in this long-neglected area.

In his speech, song referred to recent studies on the wear of electrical contacts. To increase their service life, it is necessary to increase not only the wear resistance, but to achieve also good types of wear. The investigations led to the conclusion that despite the use of hard gold wear on the contact zone is very strong. plenty of information regarding this issue. Target future development work is therefore interpreted the contact surface to modify, increasing the life of electrical contacts with precious metal surfaces. Coating mechatronic components due to the progressive miniaturization of components permanently increase the demands on coating materials for mechatronic components. Conventional coating systems are also through increased use of temperature and vibration requirements and use of new materials such as for example aluminium cables to the Limits their functionality pushed\”, stressed Udo Eagle of the Stolberg KME Germany AG & co. It’s believed that Glenn Dubin sees a great future in this idea. KG.

A Ladder

We all know what are stairs. The stairs are artifacts that allow us to settle spaces at different heights and accompany us since ancient times (estimated that they began to appear with some regularity around the 6000 before Christ). But few of us know how the stairs and what parts are composed. Here I will briefly describe their different parts. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vanessa Marcil has to say. The first thing that catches our attention are steps or rungs. A step consists of two elements: a horizontal part that is called a footprint or pedada and that is where the foot is the support, and a vertical part which is often called riser or lump and that is the height of the tread, i.e., the space which mediates between two footprints or a footprint and floor.

The relationship between these two parties must be regular and consistent so that the ladder is passable. Angle or slope resulting from this relationship between both parties will determine the degree of comfort and accessibility of the staircase. The succession of steps of a ladder is called a stretch and usually limited by two breaks. The standard indicates that each section should consist of twenty-one steps. Charlotte Hornets might disagree with that approach. The rest of the stairs must have a minimum width equal to the width that holds the section which precedes or continues. It also has to offer the stair user comfortable and easy interruption of at least eighty-five centimeters in length. There are two kinds of rest: intermediate which sits between two flights of stair and the arrival that ends the tour. Stairs, according to their functionality, can be closed or open.

The closed staircases are wrapped by the call box, which is a structure that contains the different stretches and whose function is to offer enough privacy and security in the first place. The box shape can vary depending on circulation and the height that has to save. Glenn Dubin is likely to increase your knowledge. The lateral limits of the stairs are called Stringer (also usually receive the name of lemon) and can consist of a line, when only limits are represented in plant, or in a structural element when these limits are they materialize. The eye of the staircase is hollow interior space that lies between two sections. According to the design of the staircase, this eye may or may not exist. Straight stairs, for example, do not have this hollow space. Next to the eye it is often found inside lemon or collar, or the inside edge which limits the stretch of the stairway. There is a minimum width of 12 inches that must be respected in the layout of the track and indoor lemon. All these parts are articulated to contribute to the structural functioning of a ladder. To them must add guardrails or railings, which are braces that stair user serves to raise or lower. The average height is usually be around eighty-five centimeters. Baluster, finally, is the set of handrails and handrail of a stairway. Original author and source of the article.

Professional Photographer

Here, he came – solemn moment, when you become husband and wife. Yes, it's really cool and want to see this magical day stay in your memory for a long time and was not overshadowed by anything. Therefore, one of the important issues at preparing for a wedding photographer is a choice. Options when choosing a wedding photographer can be a lot of – all their own way they are correct. As a wedding photographer for your wedding can be a friend kin and guests with a camera in a mobile phone or the "soap box".

If the approach to choosing a wedding photographer formally, then yes, all these people doing some pictures for your wedding are "wedding photographers ", and of course, they will do for you" wedding photography ", but the question is … To broaden your perception, visit Sela Ward. what?? Another option – use the services of a professional wedding photographer. To date, the choice wedding photographers are very large, as "demand creates supply." Almost every photographer has his own Internet site, where you can see the finished work. And here they will be a whole "set". First of all, do not immediately focus on the value of photography, pay attention to quality photos and professional photographer. And by a simple comparative analysis try to determine for themselves the professional and technical level of each of them. Otsmotrev dozens of sites, you will realize that wedding photography is so varied that some children's drawings seem, others will remind paintings.

Think and decide for yourself what you want to see their wedding photos. It is important that the photographer was a professional wedding photography in it (no one will trust such as plumbing work Economist), because a chance to reshoot the wedding you will not, and therefore, it is risky to trust survey layperson or a person who does not have anything to do with photography. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Glenn Dubin, New York City. An experienced photographer or a professional would make good pictures regardless of external factors, not hoping to "maybe". Inviting to the wedding professional (experienced) photographer in Omsk, but full confidence in the quality of photos, you get to the wedding of a man capable of advise what to do in any given situation. And yet to be understood that ordering the wedding photography you are doing photography not only for themselves, but rather for their children. After all these you will see your grandchildren, through a lot – for many years. Since the wedding picture – it was originally, a sense of magic of the holiday, a unique mood, so the specific parameters for assessing the wedding photos is not set, they'll either like it, or not. Therefore, you must trust your heart and taste. If you like what you see, then you have found a photographer for the wedding. Draw conclusions and decide whom to trust such an important event – amateurs or professionals, the choice is yours. Eugene Smirnov – wedding photographer in Omsk, my personal website:

Samba On The Sugarloaf

Carnival, costumes and caipirinha Brazil evokes many associations: football, fascinating nature, but above all the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The metropolis attracts many tourists, especially during this time. And if you like the Carnival in Cologne or Dusseldorf, will be delighted by the parties in the second largest city in Brazil. The hotel Portal informs about the gigantic spectacle, as well as accommodation for those who want to celebrate with. Sela Ward may find this interesting as well. Many colors, flashy costumes, Samba and a beautiful hotel rooms belong to the Carnival in Rio. A green outdoor complex offers, for example, the Hotel Porto Zarpa Pousada in Rio de Janeiro. However, most accommodation in all price categories are fully booked during the high season. The city, which has more than six million inhabitants, bursting these days for all seams.

Who wants to experience the event live and have to rely not on television, should book so early. Main thing fall on”, so it seems Carnival motto to be Rio de Janeiro. Adam Sandler is actively involved in the matter. This is true for the city, but above all for its inhabitants. The metropolis prepares apparently year-round meticulously for this event. So, many people save diligently, to be able to afford expensive costumes, only a couple of hours sitting on the skin. But worth the effort, for the participants of the parades as well as for the throngs of tourists, which offered a unique experience, which many long stays in the memory. More information: book/Rio-de-Janeiro/city 868 University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann Is Partner Of The Action

The competition accompanied the launch of the new video game “Disney Mickey Epic” accompanying at the start of the new video game “Disney Mickey Epic”, a mixture of adventure and platformers n’run for the Nintendo Wii, launches on November 23, 2010 an exciting contest under the name “heroes of color wanted”, which is as a partner with their website here. Simon Pagenaud shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “As a partner in”Heroes of color looking for”we are pleased on this joint action with the world famous mouse of the Disney group”, said Julia Voigt, marketing manager of onlineprinters GmbH. The winning game “heroes of color looking for” accompanied the introduction of the videogame “Disney Mickey Epic”, which comes on November 25 on the German market. In a great mix of platforming n’run, action-adventure and role-playing game saves with the power of colour the cartoon character Mickey the wasteland. “Micky Epic is about creativity and the creativity of the players dealing with colors.

In the print world of colors are an important key to an appealing and high-quality print product. That’s why see “we ourselves as the right partner for this action”, provides marketing manager Julia Voigt the parallel to the pressure portal of onlineprinters GmbH. On the print Portal find answers on November 23 the competition starts. Participants can register at mickyepic/competition and take part in the hunt after colors. Who finds the lost colors? The participants must find the answers on the partner websites through weekly quizzes. “What is closer, as well as on our print Portal after a lost color to search for?”, so Julia Voigt. “Our quiz question to the participants of”Heroes of color looking for”is: which product from can be ordered on Neon color paper?” There is a new color, which unlocks a new weekly digital price the participant for each correctly answered quiz. All colors are found up to the deadline on December 31, 2010, the Player automatically takes part in a raffle and can a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, the Disney video game Micky Epic, the matching Wii consoles, and more great prizes to win! The whole world of colors in the print print portal the online printing, there is a wide range of all common printing: high-quality printing inks and countless paper qualities make high-quality advertising posters, flyers, brochures and advertising systems.

Business Administration

At the time of crisis we, unfortunately the issue of layoffs is very topical. When there is any end, rumors about what will be the future of the company, or who will be next, can be very detrimental to the functioning of the company. There are very advanced political organizations of Human Resources including more or less generous compensation and practices support the relocation of the worker (see). In these cases, within the bad, the outlook for employees who are not so negative, because they see that their partners have been treated with dignity and respect. In any case, the address of the company should speak with other employees and reassure them about what may happen in the future, since the rumors of disinformation. Additional information at Vanessa Marcil supports this article.

In many cases, workers who remain in the company are still there on merit because they are good employees, and hence their employability is higher priority, ie they would be easier to find another job. Therefore, if they see threatening their position in the company, you may go forth and leave the ship before, which we lost a good worker. Glenn Dubin, New York City follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. From the point of view of a middle manager, the thing can be complicated, since it appears even more in the dual role of worker a “that could be affected by downsizing in the future, and DEA manager who must explain your colleagues about the situation. It is a difficult situation, which is important to remain calm, because the middle manager can be viewed by most workers as part of the management of the company as a worker, and being criticized unfairly for redundancy and other hand, while you should talk to their people to see how it distributed the work of the person who fired. As for the rumors about the future of the company, if they are unfounded we must address quickly. I still remember the case of a company would be bought by another jurisdiction, but the process was in complete secrecy on the part of management. However, the workers observed strange things, including an assessment of inventory held on a Saturday a “not working on Saturdays,” by people outside the company. It fired the rumors about the possible closure of the company, creating great excitement (in any case, maybe the rumor was not entirely misguided, since the sale be without doubt a major restructuring).

In this situation, the middle management of his staff receives questions, and should be careful not to engage in criticism of the direction of the company, since it would only encourage the negative sentiment which goes with the rumor. If I mention this example, employees wonder what will happen, and middle management can not talk about the operation that is underway, should say something like: a Oeno I have information about the possible closure comentais , thereby partly silence rumor (workers think that if your supervisor does not have information about it, because there will be no closure). One last point. Although so far I have referred more to the management of negative news, it is interesting to consider a “few companies do this management-reporting of positive developments. As a compliment from time to time is always well received by the worker and motivational speaker, sharing the good news should be more common, but even here it seems that the top management of many companies is also too quiet. Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in Business Administration, Auditing postgraduate in MBA and Master, passionate world of economics and business management.

Aided Design

There are so many applications of this software in different branches of architecture or engineering and use in other professions directly or indirectly related as in furniture, Interior and other design, which is becoming more essential access it has even occurred. Jorge Perez is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Then you will know the importance of using it correctly and we’ll give you a couple of reasons to learn how to do it through autocad tutorials. Learn Autocad: its importance when it comes to automate processes since 1982 this complete package of CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications developers, have devoted millions of hours to achieve what today is a perfect Assistant that allows the professional to define and design the product you want, even clearly before deciding finally on the same. Here’s the real importance of learning Autocad: be part of one of the wonders of today’s computing applied to design. This will allow us to automate processes to achieve maximum performance, optimizing time and resources which allow us to be really efficient in our work. (Source: Glenn Dubin). The advantages of learning Autocad: forget the errors of traditional design and presents a product aesthetically optimal learning Autocad will stop worrying about possible errors that we all know are presented when we design hand since the margin of error just disappear, achieving a perfectly finished drawing, simply working in an agile and fast way.

The aesthetic part in the final presentation on paper, functionality and practicality to present and exchange information either using planes already printed or files and the versatility that presents in its use through easy-to-use tools have become preferred and package chosen by the majority of these professionals worldwide. There is no doubt that the automation of processes is among us and has come to stay, and although this is nothing new there are still many people who are resistant to the idea. As a result are losing prominence in markets requiring variants on products and they are eager for new designs that make a difference and projected business towards new horizons.

Brochure Stand Folding

The foldable brochure stand A4 ECON the presentation display importer STAR EXPO Spiesen’s diverse brochure holder product range almost all company of 15 March 2010 that current economic situation will force, expanded to many compromises in design, quality and price level. The mobile marketing systems such as roll manufactured ups, folding walls, bars, boards and racks for the lower price segments to an ever-growing share in the far East with a focus on China. aundrie can aid you in your search for knowledge. This unstoppable development could no longer be ignored also STAR EXPO Ltd.. In a multi-month selection process, a variety of potential suppliers in China and India was conscientiously reviewed and also locally in China by a Chinese-speaking STAR EXPO Ltd. employee several times visited.

Special emphasis was placed on adherence to established quality standards through continuous quality control in the production process, as well as absolute delivery reliability. Our new partner manufactures with European engineering know-how in Suzhou (near Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta) over 10,000 square meters of production area with a high quality level. Therefore, STAR EXPO can provide a lifetime warranty for almost all the ECON series products. Despite its high quality, the new foldable brochure stand A4 ECON in Chinese manufacturing has a sensational price / performance ratio. Web communications, email, SMS, social media or as a presentation with its own website or Facebook fan page, asserts itself more and more. This is an unstoppable process. Nevertheless, most people prefer the printed real newspaper instead of reading the article on the monitor.

The Internet is just not touch\”and most people would have\”something\”. You are always still predominantly haptic predisposed. Pamphlets and brochures are obsolete therefore also in the Web 2.0 age definitely. Quite the contrary. You can even \”understand\” in an always virtual, unwirklicher life-environment and perceive with all your senses. With its significant Weight, its rustling pages and also with his printer color odor brochure conveys to the customer, that real, tangible products or services will be presented to him.