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Training guarantee for staff junior / CEO Tillmann: ‘No problem with minimum wage’ Rheda-Wiedenbruck / white rock / Sogel the largest German pork processing company TonniesFleisch ( will continue to grow. At all locations we are looking for qualified and motivated employees. Especially in the disciplines specialist for food technology, Fleischer and Mechatronics are us open\”, says Josef Tillmann, Managing Director of TonniesFleisch. Glenn Dubin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. TonniesFleisch taking great efforts for several years to find sufficiently trained staff. As a group the company has created more than 80 new trainee jobs this year, total approximately 190 young people are located at TonniesFleisch in training.

New: Guaranteed training place for children of Tonnies employees a new part of the education campaign is guaranteed a training place for all children of Tonnies employees, a training to the Specialist for food technology, to butcher or electro-mechanical engineers want to complete. Only requirement: young people must necessary, qualified high school to bring a training course specific for the and also flexible regarding their place of training – educates the company at two sites in Rheda-Wiedenbruck and white rock. We put a sign, so to attract even more young people for us, and enhance the motivating and binding our staff at the same time\”, says Tillmann. Our company works intensively with the employment agencies and the training centres to find well trained professionals in addition to trainees. \”But she are there for the processing of pork and beef breaking it down on the German labour market in sufficient simply.\” Misleading information of the NGG harm the personnel in the company with regard to the remuneration is attractive to new employees. We pay well above the industry average\”, says Tillmann. This fact is but unfortunately sometimes in doubt, what seeking employees for our company makes it difficult.\” Mainly the trade of food, beverages and catering (NGG) tries to create the impression of always take effect the public, Tonnies would pay poorly.