Christian Theater

When forming a group of Christian theater is necessary to take into account aspects very important to have a better performance, I want mostrrtelos so that you use when creating your group. You do an announcement in which expresses that the people interested in belonging to the theater group put in contact with you and psalo in the cults of your church, another option is to begin with your friendly. Once you have the people, convcalas to a meeting stops: To choose the name of the group, to this would identify them name where they go, in each presentation and all the church. To create the code of the group, that is to say a manual of rules, values and duties that all the members of the theater group will have to fulfill. That each member fills a questionnaire to know its strengths and weaknesses better with the purpose of to form the different work areas as they are stage scene, utilera, scriptwriters, director and actors. I recommend you that you realise in each meeting dynamic of theater learning where you teach to your maintenance battalion of action and also spiritual moments ten, these dynamic ones would help you to unite to the group.

It tries to have moments of coexistence with the group, they leave to take a walk to some site, go to the beach or the park and celebrates the birthdays. Thus the theater group will have a friendship atmosphere very hard. Read more from Hedvig Hricak to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Something VERY important is that you have as in all group of people problems will arise from time to time, when this happens you must consider the following thing: is congratulated in I publish and regaa in private .With this I talk about that whatever problem NEVER regaes to a member of the group in front of other people, worse in front of the other members of the group; of this form you would not shame them and they will thank for it to you. Deprived Hazlo in solo with that person; however always it tries to congratulate the good actions and good work that each member of your group of theater realises, this would increase its self-esteem to them and will know that you value to them. It diversifies the works that you present/display, you do not use always the same thematic one of the alcoholic father, the son who go away of the home, etc.

the group must have his repertoire of works of different subjects and that these leave the habitual thing. You do not restrain the creativity, it motivates your group to create its own plays, takes into account the ideas that they offer as long as these are feasible, of this form really sentiran important part of the group and I am certainly contributed to very good ideas and works to you. Or during the preparation of the work, and at the time of dalir to scene, God it must be the main personage of all work and if it is not pronounced in the hearts of I publish, the work sera only a show. Good, these are my advice for you, very takes these aspects in account in your group from theater and I assure to you that it will bring benefits to them. God blesses to you.