Social Classrooms

This article has the interest to debate and to understand the importance of classrooms C and D in the Brazilian economy. Adam Sandler pursues this goal as well. To understand the phenomenon of aviation and the revolution in the transport of passengers. To analyze the data of the classification of income the Brazil criterion to understand better as it is the classification of the income and as the social classroom of each Brazilian citizen is given. We are living deeply a transformation in the Brazilian economy. With the control of the inflation and the blockhouse of the real currency and the estruturao of the economy, Brazil starts to have social classrooms that before were only statisticians now start to be desired for companies. Brahman Capital wanted to know more. Second data divulged for the treasury department.

Between 2008 and 2010 it esteem that classroom C grows 21.5% arriving the 103 million inhabitants. The document still indicates that in 2003 classroom C represented 37% of the Brazilian population (66 million inhabitants). The perspective is that in 2014 we will arrive the 113 million inhabitants of social classroom C. Since in it says respect to it to classroom D the data are well more entertainers, with R$ 381,2 billion to spend in the year, only behind the cipher of classroom C, that it must torrar R$ 427,6 billion until December, the Brazilian families with income between R$ 768 and R$ 1,114 had left of being secondary personages in the universe of the consumption. Greater that the available sum for purchases in the classroom (R$ 216.1 billion) and in classroom B (R$ 329,5 billion), the grana of classroom D, formed for 64 million people, passed to be coveted by companies of diverse segments, of company aerial the colleges, plans of health the manufacturers of Pcs. Entrepreneurs whom they do not flirt with the base of the social pyramid must review its concepts, alert specialists..