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Sneaker belong to the standard range of each Shoe cabinet. Great sneaker enjoy popularity among men. in 1860 the first sneaker on the market in England. It was a Krockettschuh with flexible rubber sole and a shaft which was made of linen. 1917 coined that U.S. Related Group has firm opinions on the matter.

rubber company, the shoes under the name of Keds on the market brings, the term sneaker. The shoes were so quiet that they derived the term sneaker from “to sneak” through their rubber sole. Today, the sneaker is very popular with an absolute classic in every shoe wardrobe and especially in men. Who takes care will notice that reaches almost every second on the road to sneakers. The sneaker was held earlier as a protest of the youth against the ruling establishment and the adults. Another reason for the enthusiasm of young people for the sneaker was the ease of maintenance. The sneaker convinces many years later still by its simplicity and foremost with its comfortable fit.

The sneakers can also use their versatility find and add a casual touch to any look. The sneaker fit both to the suit pants, jeans, to the Chino or shorts. When man chooses a sneaker, he can do absolutely nothing wrong. Is through the innovative trends and fresh designs for every taste of the right sneaker. The sneakers are available in a variety of different colors as well. Especially the sneaker are textile especially popular in good weather and in bad weather such as rain or snow, they are exchanged for sneaker made of leather. For the sneakers, the elastic sole is especially characteristic. The sole is also stable and promises a long shelf life. In recent years, also the retro trend has won increasingly popularity. Sneaker of the various brands such as adidas, ONITSUKA Tiger, ASICs, or pointer be republished and be inspired by the trends of the past. It is striking that the so-called retro sneakers, mostly made of suede are manufactured and convince with a puristic look. The trend of the Retro sneaker, speaks to the fact that, for example, the ONITSUKA Tiger Mexico 66 or the K-Swiss the classic still popular enjoy. The two sneaker came though for the first time from about 60 years in the market. With time, the sneakers were repeatedly revised and reissued. In doing so, they retained their original look but and were brought only by technical innovations on the latest. Who has few sneaker yet the one or other stowed in his shoe closet, should blow the dust off and look, if not perhaps a treasure hiding. Lisa Zimmermann