Pinto Rosales Meter

Discotheques: – Madrid – Balcony of Rosales: It is a fashionable discotheque, with a modern and very present decoration. She is separated in three parts and its track of dance, with incredible views to the field house, is one of most famous of Madrid. In addition, the relation quality-price is good and the glasses vary between 8.00 and 12.00 Euros. Address: Stroll of Pinto Rosales Meter: Arg5uelles (lines 3, 4, 6) Telephone: 91 541 74 40 – Buddha Bar: One of the more exclusive bars of glasses of Madrid. With a modernist and luxurious decoration, accompanied by a great variety of famous. If you are arranged to pay its high prices, is a very advisable site. Address: Nize street, 55 Meter: The Musas (line 7) – Chango (Fun session) the new session Fun de Chango of Fridays this putting itself very fashionable lately between the young people among 18-25, as much that they have baptized already it like ” new hit” (old session of Fridays in But) since it is also a session in which there is to go dress well.

It is recommended that vayais already that the diversion this assured, with the best music of the moment. Street: Luchana, 36 Meter: Bilbao, Line 4 – Eg: Elegant discotheque with a very modern decoration where usually they attend enough young people. It has two plants, the one of above with music MGP and rock and the one of down with electronicer music. A glass goes up to around the 8 Euros. Address: Street Jorge Juan, 20 Telephone: 902 112 702 Meter: Vela’zquez (line 4) – the Peletazo: This restaurant multipurpose (bar, discotheque) is perfect for goodbyes as a single person /a and to spend one night unforgettable. He is recommendable to go soltero/a more and if you are jealous, and coverall, to go preparation to see the spectacle of some striper in the middle of dinner.

Good food, very good people and very good atmosphere. From here, we advised to you to go with an open mentality and to by all. The price is of about a 30-40 Euros more or less for all night. Address: Jorge Juan 66 – Madrid Elite: Elite is one of the sessions with more success of the room macumba. Abierto in 1977, without a doubt he is one of the sites at night that not you can to lose.