Some Thoughts On SEO

Unfortunately, quite often it turns out that the sites of the top ten search results are completely useless. It would be much better if their owners pay attention to users, not search engines. Not is to promote the site on migration walrus keyword sex and MP3 only because of togo, the last two words are very popular. Sovepshenno because they are irrelevant to the subject site, so do not increase the number of truly interested visitors. Link exchange is a bit like living primates: 'scratched my back and I scratched you. " The scheme of work looks like this: one site hosts the page, else be the default reference for what else be the default puts reference to the first. Even competitors mogyt vyigpat from link exchange as two restaurants, successfully co-exist close to each other. Many search engines (eg, Google) when calculating the page weight into account the amount (and quality, of course, too) that link to it pecypsov. Thus, other things being equal, the page that contains more inbound links, will take a priority position in the rankings. Link exchange is a great way increase your site's ranking.