Link Exchange Citation Index

Do you know why the mother of many Web sites to exchange links? And, you know how to exchange links? No? Then this article is just what you need. I hope that it will help you find the answers to these questions. I know Four reasons for which to exchange links. Perhaps someone has a different opinion about this, but I had the impression that the links are exchanged it for four reasons: To show the people we are friends or with whom we work. This may be a link exchange between home sites and between sites of different companies and enterprises. Here basically no purpose is being pursued. Although, in the second case a reference to the well-proven company, the firm has a positive effect on the image.

To her clicked. In this case, change the links in the hope that it clicked. From my own experience I can say that clicked very little. The fact is that usually the exchange of links to place everything on one page. Of course, sometimes links divided by categories, but in any event, recruited a number of links on the page that any desire to view them is eliminated. What can I advise those who changes references for this purpose. How to increase the effectiveness of such an exchange? The ideal option would be to place your link on the home page of another site. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sofar Sounds. And if this site is also well-attended, then you are lucky twice. Usually click on links from sites of similar subjects, ie visitors and that is your target audience.