Newspapers and radio stations already have their theme for these days the psychosis of the flu, and the deaths caused by the same, the issue is creating alarm for this entertaining and people frightened, so do not meditate on the political and economic crisis that accompanies us for some time although the media try to remove iron every day. The people instead of raising the voice has decided to resign that thinking requires much effort and it is better to complain only mode oral, without doing anything more, distancing himself in a way clear of those who govern them every day they lose credibility so the stripe that separates both worlds is every day more thick. It is sad to leaf through the newspapers and see how politicians smolders in sterile debates that only reported some newspaper headlines to the delight of the drafters specialising in policy. The economy continues to drift but nobody seems to care too. Those who govern our destinies seems nothing affects them continue in their world of isolated from the common luxuries, while everything falls slowly and each time is more difficult to overcome these tough times, all who have any grant from the Government are silent to them don’t matter them others its economy is sound, no biting the hand of who gives you eat. Learn more at this site: Hedvig Hricak. Reality hits hard our existence but we do not create trade unions, politicians and some agencies that say ensure us. The Government tries to control everything that happens to our waning around by that entertain us to not think about the crisis that remains outside our pockets.

It is sad to see how the country goes adrift no matter nothing of what happens in our lives to those who are paid our taxes. People has decided to flee from their own responsibilities, they expect the State to resolve for them their problems, while the Government has decided to distribute money in diverse concepts that society this quiet and think that they are responsible for them, that is a big lie but still did not realize that nobody gives nothing and that what they receive are the result of their taxes. Nothing is free in this life everything is paid for one way or another, direct and indirect taxes the day that people understand that the State is a machine that works with our money independipendientemente who governs and nobody gives nothing, we will have taken a step to rely more on ourselves and less on political promises.