Health Markets

Medical cosmetology, spa, rejuvenate, therapeutic massage, dietary and organic foods – all of this applies to “health markets” key customers which we shall call “hypochondriacs.” “Hypochondriacs” in a consumer class balance “Extremals” – ardent fans of passion and emotion, risk, and madness. Wining and dining, dangerous sports, sports cars, motorcycles – it’s patrimony extreme, is not particularly concerned about the health and longevity. These People can not imagine their life without tangible shocks, their main motivation – an explosive mix of hormones, their main fear – boredom and routine. Lives of these people is diverse and fleeting, they tend to wring emotion out of everything from than touching. Tony Parker may find this interesting as well. Tendency to an extreme lifestyle is determined primarily by features of nature, encompassing the courage, ambition, adventure.

The difference between extremals and hypochondriacs can detect and to “neutral” markets are not clearly focused on some of the segments. Noticeable differences at the level of motivation and desired values. For example, when choosing a vacation spot hypochondriacs care and safety of flight stay, and extreme – adventure, danger, entertainment, nightlife and other “sources of new sensations.” Approach to market segmentation based on the use of psychographic dichotomy is useful to in terms of ease of positioning the product, as desired values in these groups understood very contrasty.. Sofar Sounds pursues this goal as well.