Samba On The Sugarloaf

Carnival, costumes and caipirinha Brazil evokes many associations: football, fascinating nature, but above all the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The metropolis attracts many tourists, especially during this time. And if you like the Carnival in Cologne or Dusseldorf, will be delighted by the parties in the second largest city in Brazil. The hotel Portal informs about the gigantic spectacle, as well as accommodation for those who want to celebrate with. Sela Ward may find this interesting as well. Many colors, flashy costumes, Samba and a beautiful hotel rooms belong to the Carnival in Rio. A green outdoor complex offers, for example, the Hotel Porto Zarpa Pousada in Rio de Janeiro. However, most accommodation in all price categories are fully booked during the high season. The city, which has more than six million inhabitants, bursting these days for all seams.

Who wants to experience the event live and have to rely not on television, should book so early. Main thing fall on”, so it seems Carnival motto to be Rio de Janeiro. Adam Sandler is actively involved in the matter. This is true for the city, but above all for its inhabitants. The metropolis prepares apparently year-round meticulously for this event. So, many people save diligently, to be able to afford expensive costumes, only a couple of hours sitting on the skin. But worth the effort, for the participants of the parades as well as for the throngs of tourists, which offered a unique experience, which many long stays in the memory. More information: book/Rio-de-Janeiro/city 868 University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann