Madrid Hotels

If for the week of the December bridge you do not have anything to do, we offer a plan to you that neither your nor no member of your family will be able to reject. It chooses some of the hotels in Madrid in IFEMA and vente to DiverFam 2010. Madrid will count on a week event dedicated to the infantile world, oriented to foment the time of leisure shared by parents and children, and to stimulate the communication and the diversion in family. For the beginning of this project, IFEMA and Toads and Princess have united their assets, like specialists in week management and communication in the infantile and familiar scope, respectively, giving to form to the DiverFam fair – Diversion in family, whose first 12 edition will be celebrated of the 7 to December of 2010. DiverFam is a new formula that moves away of other events, allowing to the companies to present its adapted products and services the familiar public, developing a specific activity within dynamic and near surroundings.

According to Luis Courteous Eduardo, with this new project, that he tries to transfer the values that contribute dedication and the time of leisure shared between parents and children, Madrid puts at the level of the main cities of the world dedicating a playful event to the world of the children and the families. In words of Nora Kurtin this great event will be the space where the families will share unforgettable experiences. DiverFam gives answer to the new times and proposes a formula of innovating participation, that is having very good welcome on the part of the marks . Really, more than 10,000 m2 of experiences and diversion for parents and wait for you to children in pavilion 5 of the Fair of Madrid (IFEMA) during the days from the 7 to the 12 of December. You do not forget reserve to make it in some of the hotels that there are near IFEMA Madrid and vente to enjoy. It visits the Web of Diver Fam in