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Belgian Study

All normal social fact can become a fact pathological when the amount increases disproportionately and thus exits than usual. The techniques of sociological research to analyze the social fact are: to) monograph, b) statistics and c) survey. (a) the monograph is the study of a particular, specific social fact that has certain important dimensions, by a team of researchers with greater or lesser number of researchers according to the extension of the social fact. That study should be done in the most profound way to give us the essence of the social phenomenon. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Adam Sandler. The starting point of this research goes back to the Belgian sociologist Federico Leblain, when he conducted a case study of the working-class family of his time.

Then this method will be refined and developed by his disciples. b) statistics; Some have considered it as Assistant and other how simple technique. It is defined as the procedure whereby it is possible to collect and analyse social phenomena that occur in large numbers. The method most used is the census. To conduct a statistical study procedures son:1 – gathering of data; 2 analysis of them, through a series of procedures which classifies the observed facts; 3.

Presentation of these facts. To broaden your perception, visit Hedvig Hricak. A way to present those facts it is numerical assessments, which are known under the name of indexes (numerical ratio between two quantities). They can also be represented by maps or charts. When we can do statistics on the whole, a sampling that allows to reach more specific data is performed. Sampling: is a part of the totality of the probe. It is expressed in some degree most of all. Sample the greatest number of individuals has, will have fewer error. This research technique, is based on the law of large numbers, this law establishes: If one takes a representative number of (Group), the proportions that the society is they are, they are similar to those that exist in society as a whole. (c) survey: find the interview; This is a type of survey that is characterized primarily by the increased interaction of the researcher about the person under investigation. The sociological researcher attends the place the interviewee’s or investigated and performs a series of questions. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

International Convention

It’s one of the cities belonging to the whole of the State of California, in the United States.UU. Dubbed as the best city in America, it offers a wide range of parks and monuments not to be missed. The great city of San Diego, is recognized worldwide as the best city of America, located in Southwest direction from the giant state of California, belonging to one of the countries of greater political power: USA.UU. This County represents at the same time to its capital, and it is also recognized by its characteristic temperate climate with inclination to Mediterranean, that lets you enjoy multiple beaches and walk around every corner during the 365 days of the year. Comedian: the source for more info. Returning us in time, we can mention that this region was inhabited by a small village of indigenous origin called kumeyaay, and already in 1542, the area was discovered by Europeans. The same is formed, until our days, for a total of more than 1.261.250 inhabitants, among which, to a large extent, European descendants of white complexion like for example the English, Latino of Mexican origin, Asian, black, and to a lesser extent, other mixed races.

Among many of its tourist attractions in San Diego, as a curious fact, carried out since 1970, the International Convention of comics, without a doubt, one of the genres of greater adhesion and world fanaticism. Here closer them, the best places to learn about the city: can begin the tour of downtown San Diego, entering the Horton Plaza shopping mall to buy gifts and souvenirs, or take a rest in a Pub, restaurant in the area, as they contemplate the facades of large hotels. Later, Gaslamp Quarter, an area of Victorian with thousands of entertainment are not lost. Another option is to move to the other end of the port, in the Centre, in search of tranquility, Sun and sand on the beaches of the Coronado Peninsula, or for those who want to feel the pure air, can practice swimming, fishing or a walk in boat. In the northern direction, the idea is, if be accompanied by family, enter in Mission Bay, to enjoy all the fun at Sea World and Belmont Park. Missed is a visit to Balboa Park, where you can see museums and different animal species in the Zoo. To the Northwest, in Old Town, they are colonial-style buildings, which represent its history.

New Zealand

Joining two points is easy, but choosing 25 points in an unknown country and join them by road along 25 days in a way that are balanced and which are humanly achievable is another world. A trip to New Zealand usually involves having to perform this task because the attractions of the country are infinite and, especially for the Spaniards, the task of coming from the other side of the world is in itself enough to try to see as many things as possible. Best thing you can do is to start with a list of sites you want to visit regardless of number or position. From here, a route in New Zealand to be effective must be eliminated many of these places until we stay with a number equal to or less than the number of days of travel, depending on the type of trip you want to make, faster or more relaxed. Once we have the selection of places to do the route in New Zealand, you have to find some tool by which we can measure the distances between places and calculate the kilometres between each and every one of the points giving Thus a distance matrix. At Tony Parker you will find additional information. From here, it’s go by selecting the smallest for each row of the array value. Thus, starting with the one row (which should correspond to the city of departure), we are looking for in that column is the smallest distance and once found look to that place is the row and that place the column. These two places on the itinerary, we can unite will make them one below the other.

The destination location will become the next selected row and return to analyze the distances. And so presses until end of rows. Anyway, this system is imperfect and if there is a quite separate from the rest point may be that the route follow until the end and lately have back up to this point that was abandoned. For this reason, this system is only a help, since the logic and the help of a map to view it will be invaluable. On the other hand, there are agencies that, as we do in low, included in the price the Organization of a new route Zealand adapted to the number of available days. Since there is very powerful software capable of performing this type of gallstones and optimize the routes according to the different requirements can be.

Tarot Gitano

Despite the fact that some concrete elements have been determined in what to the beginnings of the Gypsy tarot terms, do not exist but evidences isolated from its presence in the daily lives of most ancient civilizations. Around 1390, the King of France, Carlos VI requested that they other three decks of cards. However, records of payment not can be inferred if it was of adaptations of Islamic cards, previous versions of Tarot cards or even if were typical French letters, with hearts, Spades, clubs, and diamonds. Although it was not part of the mentioned transaction, is known of the existence of a deck of cards in the National Library of France. It was painted by hand, in the style of the cities of Northern Italy. The doctrine of tarot porpular also speaks of trips to the interior of Europe in wagons that used Gypsies. Though this theory was disseminated by novelists of the 19th century, such as Villants and Papus, there is no historical evidence that the Roma people have used Tarot cards to any instance of the 20th century.

Their interests are they were committed to palmistry, divination with fire, to the launch of a currency and long after, to the card game. Moreover, the top cards of which are known were commissioned by noble families. This does not mean that printed letters did not appear until later that they invented the printing press, but are precisely the latter that have lasted. A content rich in symbols, letters possessed illustrations of affinity religious, similar to the European art of those times. This phenomenon could be due to two factors. The monasteries still produced works illustrated the nobles and powerful merchants.

On the other hand, the fashion of medieval and Renaissance art focused, at least in the beginning, on themes of nature religious, which could influence the design of the cards. Although there is no evidence of unlawful uses of Gypsy Tarot cards, records of the Inquisition explains that at a trial in Venice in 1589, the cards were maligned and accused citizens of use them to perform witchcraft. Can’t find any documentation that the Catholic Church had considered tarot or decks as a heresy, even during the middle ages. Original author and source of the article.

New Products

Marketing in action: hope is a tree in flower that sweetly sways to the breath of illusions Severo Catalonia. Considerations, reach, steps: the current economic scenarios show relevant characteristics that demand that companies are vigilant of their behaviour in order to ensure not only stay in the markets achieved but for conquest of new enabling desarrollarseTal as Wikipedia reminds us, the development of a new market takes place in the field of business and engineering and consists of the entire process of creating and bringing a new product to the market. There are two parallel aspects that are involved in this process: one involves product engineering; the other, market analysis. Marketing managers consider the development of new product as the first step in the management of the life cycle of the product. There’s no denying how Mileyde Arteaga puts it in an open forum on this topic who developed the graduate program in the specialty of quality management and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, that by today the business dynamics are very troubled, there are many political, economic and social factors that affect them; especially in Latin American countries like Venezuela, where inflation and the changing environment of the policies of the State keeps in constant uncertainty for all organizations, therefore a part of organizations trafficking in implementing plans that allow them to carry the day by day the survival, while others more daring try to anticipate how you will change the industry and the market in which they are immersed and accordingly implementing action plans for develop new products or improve existing ones, so that will allow them to compete and be in a better position in the market. From there that business managers must focus on the purpose of the creation of new products to achieve a fast positioning in the market, making the needs of consumers; passing from the establishment of strategies of promotion, distribution, prices and advertising as well as the creation of the brand, label and its packaging.


Certify is not adopt standards ISO became a must to act in markets highly com-petitivos. But certify standards doesn’t mean necessarily culturally adopt all their benefits. Takes time and resources to make this approach permeates all levels of the Organization and ended up being part of the day-to-day management. His eruption happened when still a considerable proportion of industrial enterprises was still unconsciously product-oriented, more skewed towards the intrinsic goodness of thereof that the needs and perceptions of the segments that oriented its commercial efforts. Thus means that its use is fruit of the need to comply with the formality before an audit or recertification, rather than a demonstration of his commitment to listen deep and actively to the customer on numerous occasions. Several Auditors of quality will have surely noticed this phenomenon. Duty measure vs. take advantage of the measurement between the processes that integrate management system of Quality, the business occupies a relevant role, to the point that measure the satisfaction of the customer acquired the rank of policy in many companies.

The concern often starts by the owners or shareholders of companies, aware of the imperative of maintaining the certification to ensure continuity of access to external markets. Moreover, synonymous with tradition familiar – brand can be affected. Therefore they also emphasize that the measurement of client satisfaction is an issue that involves the entire organization. If required to do so by the validity of the ISO, why not take the opportunity to investigate issues not only the perception that customers have about our company but also about our direct competitors? Or why not relieve the reasons for abandonment of former customers? In our role as consultants, we are in permanent contact with companies and found that there are few those that do. Moreover, if we understand that the customer-supplier relationship impacts decidedly in the quality product and therefore in satisfaction, measure the performance of the providers also should be habitual.


Here it is important for the child to learn a healthy model of relationship with the environment. Instead of a mother introyectadora (that nurtures strength), it is preferable to provide that range of possibilities (toys, other forms of invitation to the relationship), that allow to maintain the idiosyncrasy of the child to the child. When in parental attitudes (verbal or non-verbal) messages are contained in do not touch, not you chupes, not are you, without discrimination, clipped its power, they inhibit your spontaneity, hindering their interest. Ultimately diminish their innate potentialities. When a child of parents incorporates psychological values; truths about himself, when they ingest and swallow without discrimination, incorporate material not assimilated, Perls (1947) called doencas. If a child incorporates by example the idea of I’m clumsy, adopts their behaviour (non-conscious) this quality as a form of response to the environment. His behavior is limited by the doencas. Have you eaten a material that can not assimilate (by its toxic content) and onwards his energies well to get rid of this material that does not gives it vitality will be implemented, or poisoning in their attempts to digest it: I clumsily behaved in this situation.

The introjection is the family inheritance from the past 5 for Goodman (1951). The situation is similar when it comes to concepts or models of behavior than physical food. Since introject means appropriating something from the environment and when this misappropriation occurs coercively is of a pathological introjection; is of a non-digestible, inasimilable content (doencas), since it impairs your ability to think and act for yourself as you atiborras your personality of atragantados pieces of this and that, you have lost the ability of think and act for yourself, since you act according to what you have said that you are, or do.6 When a child introyecta for example the idea of I’m clumsy, adopts in its not consciously this quality as a form of response to the environment, and henceforth their energies will be implemented to act accordingly with the doencas me clumsily behaved in this situation.

Ramon Gallegos

I liked the teaching and example that Ramon Gallegos gives about spirituality, the question he asked to distinguish or to clarify the vague idea of what is. Which spirituality going to teach? Amazement was much but the comment that made with which I recognized what is spirituality, it is as if the question was which love will give, love is nothing more one, is not fragmented, the spirituality is one, many religions there may be but a single spirituality, why in the holistic, the central education is spirituality not religions?spirituality is not religious belief, religion is a par guide attached to the spirituality, but overseen by rules traditional, cultural, but spirituality is your own being. Along with this explanation added you a sentence very certain and deep that it says no are human beings who have spiritual experiences but we are spiritual beings that are having a human experience. With this sentence we understand that we are spiritual beings, we are soul or spirit got into a transport flowing through life where maintenance is part of the life of our vehicle and maintenance of us spiritual is meditation and the desire to experience the divine. I listened much to my co-workers, to my teachers that really leaves much to be desired, when asked by that his arrogant, authoritarian, offensive behaviour, with amounts industrialists of ego and them me respond aggressively, that thus treated me to me, by that my made me battle it out, for I had many teachers who did not hear so well the treatment which cost them as my me cost, more than anything speak with courage, and they remember their teachers with hatred which did not learn more than your wrong attitude and its low human quality. When you hear the concept of learning communities, it became of great interest and close attention in order to understand it and implement it.

The Article

The age for entry to universities were 16 years old. Some went to 14. I don’t think that teens of yesteryear have been intelligent or more precocious than the of today. Rather think we’ve lengthened it too the time to get to work as adults. We keep them artificially immature and at the same time we complain about by their immaturity. Our teens have a tremendous potential that unfortunately is asleep in the vast majority of them. So many times they feel misunderstood and seek to invest its excesses of energy and creativity into things that do not make sense for us, the parents. How help them to engage in more productive activities which in turn prepare them well for the future? 1 Invite you to participate in its decisions financial share their problems with them and discuss how it would be better to solve them.

2 Get involved together in his church or any work of charity. Teenagers are idealists and yearn to make a contribution to the community. 3 Devote themselves to spend time with them so that you can know the problem of their world and to be able to advise them. 4 Do not reject their interests or their form of express themselves or get dressed. Remember that every teenager is an adult forming its own identity and many times are still awkward in expressing it.

Crazy hairstyles and rings in navels will pass, but the love and understanding that was planted in them will last a lifetime. 5 Teach your teen entrepreneurial skills. They have a tremendous potential to develop and exploit their talents and abilities that are unique to each human being.

Segura Murcia

Now it is more easy to Paint Ball practice. In Molina de Segura, Murcia, offers two homes to relax and enjoy the countryside and nature and a conditioned track to practice Paintball. Paintball is a game of strategy in which two teams face each other to achieve a defined objective before the game, weapons used are guns of paintball compressed air-driven that shall maintain the opponent away from his goal. Located just 15 minutes from Murcia city specializing in groups of individuals or companies wishing to conduct activities as a whole, rural House and Pinball services are independent and can be hired separately. The vivienda:Casacolora: independent with a 150 years old and newly restored cottage. The native stone that has been constructed endows its walls of great strength and provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The materials used for its restoration are mostly natural, thus preserving all its originality also has of facilities of swimming pool, barbecue, Garden, table football, diana and ping-pong table.

The House has capacity for 14 persons and boasts: – three triple rooms and two doubles (one of them with cradle), and two fully equipped bathrooms-living room with chimney, TV, two sofas and a large table for 14 Diners-equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and small appliances-electric heating in all rooms.-abroad, has countless proposals for leisuresuch as barbecue, diana, Foosball, garden and swimming pool fully equipped. Stone House: Super independent new building with facade in natural stone cottage.It can accommodate 8 people and has everything necessary for a comfortable and pleasant stay also has facilities of swimming pool, barbecue, Garden, table football, diana and ping-pong table. Features: – four double bedrooms and two bathrooms-living room with fireplace, TV and two sofas-fully equipped kitchen with all appliances and large table dining room.-electric heating in all rooms. The rural complex offers services common football field, basketball court, painball, hiking, raftin, down by the River segura and a new activity called the pilla chickens he remedy anti-stress, in the tranquillity of a House rural or enjoying to the maximum with the Paintball an ideal place to find peace, independence, freedom and discover new sensations.