Translational Medicine

Scientists have developed artificial platelets that could stop the bleeding. Now, internal bleeding can be stopped almost twice as fast. Such assistance is crucial for wounded soldiers and victims of accidents. External bleeding can be stopped compresses, but the interior – to stop practically impossible. In the near future the situation will change. U.S.

researchers have invented artificial blood cells that help even stop the internal bleeding twice as fast as before. This result gave the first tests with the experimental rats, which inject the artificial platelets. "After a while, the artificial platelets are dissolved in the blood of the patient, "- said the scientists of the University in Cleveland in the journal 'Science Translational Medicine'. It is known that the main function of platelets is involved in blood clotting, which in turn is an important protective response of the body. When vascular injury is platelet prevent more blood loss. In addition, they play an important role in healing and regeneration of damaged human tissues.

When wounded man the body tries to stop the bleeding, and produces a kind of barrier of platelets, which, with the help of certain proteins stick to injured vessels. Platelets produce a blood clot, which prevents bleeding. But before the serious injuries and internal bleeding human body is powerless. That's why will be useful, artificial platelets, which operate on natural mechanisms of blood circulation and help stop the bleeding. In experiments with rats, artificial platelets are very effective, even better rather expensive means Proconvertin, which has been used so far to stop uncontrolled bleeding. To create the artificial platelets are blood clots only in the right places, they are covered with a shell of water that adhere to other platelets only in the presence of protein coagulation. In subsequent experiments, researchers must prove the reliability of the present invention. Testing the experimental rats a week after the experiment, the side effects has been established.