History On Short Notice

The history that story is of a very special person, somebody that I folloied since the birth until the death. Jason iley wanted to know more. Its name was Moon. As the Moon was innocent As soon as it was born, already it was soon if becoming attached me. I was I calmed who it and he aconchegava to it, I was I who I touched pra it to smile. Moon was a girl candy and meiga, it cleaned that me, made right me the hours; I age everything in its humble life. It dreamed in being radio speaker and that they heard it to all through me. I do not know if I counted, but I am Ronk, a radio of pocket, optimum radio of pocket of the world. My owner, Moon loved, me very and praising lived, saying me that I age what it had of better.

She counted to me to histories on other radios, great and small radios of wall car, but always she finished saying that I optimum age of all. When Moon completed 15 years was gotten passionate for Marquinhos, a bad character that it only knew to abuse and to use to advantage themselves of it. still said that I to it it did not pass of an old can. Marquinhos wounded the heart of my owner; I will pardon never it therefore, I will pardon never it for wounding who I I loved. After this, Moon never more she was the same one and he always said me that he wanted to die. One day caught me and said that I only age its well precious one and therefore would go to take I obtain me to the death. For guilt of Marquinhos, Moon gave up all its dreams and was played of a bridge with me in its hands. I survived, but Moon did not have the same luck. the worse notice that already I transmitted was of the tragic death of my proper owner.