Aug 15


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From 18 to 22 July will be a very bad time for business and investment. Many signs will meet with difficulties in business and in relationships, they can prosecute the lack inspiration and lingering emotional experiences in relation to the closest people. If you're in this period, an alliance or Communications to build a solid […]

Jun 11

Proserpine Friend

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…. From the first page looked at me a photo of my friend … Such striking similarity, I have not yet meets with. Could not pay attention to it, if it would be just like people. But the very fact that so many of the same character traits and that my friend himself to me […]

Jun 11

Goodwill Ambassadors

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Part One. "The soul has a mysterious tendency to fill in empty spaces, to overcome the dangers and difficulties, to seek the unknown. This desire, making you act – the divine power embedded in the depths of our entity. It was she who drew the first hunters into new areas. This spring our greatest acts […]