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Now Even Large Cable Samples Efficiently Measure

iiM AG closes gap in cable measuring Meiningen/Germany, June 13, 2008. Very large samples can be measured with the latest cable gauges of the Meininger company of iiM AG called VCP-04 and VCPS-01 now in addition to smaller cable samples up to 40 millimeters diameters up to 120 millimeters. New lighting techniques and high-resolution sensor guarantee extremely precise measurements of cross sections, without elaborate sample preparation. Thus, the newly developed devices fill a gap in the previous measurement of the cable. The VCP-04 is the updated version of previous standard devices and particularly suitable for cable measurements up to a diameter of 40 millimetres. A new lighting technology and high-resolution sensors allow significantly faster and more efficient measurements when compared to its predecessors. The VCP-04 adjusted using eight different camera systems and over 40 different optics up specifically to the respective measurement tasks in the cable manufacturer.

Due to the robust construction of the measuring instrument is it as self Tester in production as well as for use in the laboratory. A completely new system of cable measurement was realized with the VCPS-01. The measurement used here can measure by means of high-resolution sensors up to a diameter of 120 mm very large cable samples easily and at the same time extremely accurately. Measurements for diameters greater than 120 millimetres can materialize on request. Application areas for the VCPS-01 can be found in particular in the medium – and high-voltage range. VisioCablePro series devices were designed in particular to check vendor-specific geometries of cable jackets and insulating covers. Taking place as usual in the gray image, the cross-sectional samples are measured here by cables in color and are thus optimally to evaluate.

The measurement results obtained with detailed information on the material consumption, extruder can be set up efficiently and securely comply with specified tolerance limits. As production processes are optimized, increasing the quality and reliability and the Minimizing costs significantly. About iiM AG the iiM AG was founded in 1998 and sees itself as a provider of complete solutions in the field of optical metrology. With 16 employees, the Meiningen company provides complete solutions for the process, coordinates and cable technology and produced their own innovative lighting systems in this area. EN 9001:2000 certified DIN the iiM AG guarantees a consistently high quality. Specifically in the field of cable measurement technology develops and produces the iiM AG instruments, software, and corresponding CAQ systems for the final inspection of cables. Quick, simple and accurate measurement of geometric characteristics of insulating sheaths and coats is

Nevsky Petersburg

St. Petersburg in the XXI century is very different from himself two decades ago. If in any year the 89th car on the streets of Leningrad can be counted on one hand (in any case, as evidenced by photographs of the Soviet period, even as a main avenue Nevsky was not filled with cars), then in 2009 the cars in the city frankly a lot. Well let's see what happens on the roads of St. Petersburg, and in relation to congestion has a taxi in St Petersburg. Naturally, neither the original plans of the city in the central part of any Soviet master plan did not anticipate the emergence of so many mechanical crews.

According to various reports, the total number Car in St. Petersburg to half a million and still growing. Rusty holzer contributes greatly to this topic. This means not only crowded street in the heart of the city, along the rivers and canals, the streets of the XIX century, but also on major highways, constructed recently. If you look at the city not even a bird's eye, and above – as a small-scale map, we can see in the center of a dense mnogokvartalnuyu building with small houses, huge bedroom space areas on the outskirts of metropolitan, and between them – a heavy ring area, painted in gray color (and approximately the same colors-looking from above). This industry was once trapped on the periphery of urban life, and subsequently perehlestnutye waves residential construction, but will not departed. And, of course, when you see how little is left of passages through this thick, you know that in those traffic jams, which forms a transport stream in 'Throats', is that yurkoe taxi driver with a good and able to find the fastest way. Another feature – different parts of the city were separated from each other railroads. Railroads, as a rule, go on to most gray areas and create a double difficulty in overcoming barriers to work or home, a business meeting or on vacation.

Being Successful Is To Be In Harmony With God

Many people make different questions about the importance of success, some mistakenly consider that achievements can depart us a spiritual life. That is a wrong concept, we must never allow lead a life of frustration, each of us are special beings and we have a wonderful function and is indispensable to discover it. Additional information at Margaret Loesser Robinson supports this article. Today we live with many beliefs, ideas that us they have been planted since childhood, influences to us if it is not that which it imposes on us we must study, we follow the power of custom or what is fashionable at one time. What happens we when we only follow the counsel of others and current society? It is very likely that we make bad decisions and that can lead to very painful life, do what you don’t want to, that’s a terrible thing and we must never allow it. Much knowledge today is priceless and makes our life much more pleasant and with greater opportunities.

It is necessary that we become a self-assessment and reply us the most important question of our lives are we en route to the life we want? If the answer is affirmative then congratulations, keep on that idea and never give up until you achieve the full realization of their dreams. On the other hand we find that a large number of people answered that they are not satisfied with what you have chosen, hate their jobs, that area don’t like, etc. do then why not change course? Most people are afraid to change or do not want to take risks. I remember one day I found a friend who I respect very much dress formally, the is a lawyer and he told me, I feel frustrated, I always wanted to be musician imagine that painful, we should not accept a condition as well. Can say it that millions of people have made assertions such as the following: is only by while leaves another thing, I’m just passing the water here, I’ll be here only a couple of days, etc.


The pyramid consists of facilities as follows: in the base are the vendors, then selling on the floor, then selling at the tables and, finally, those with large positions and have who more opportunities reach the top: a kiosk. The traveling salesman are also called “charleros” because their business is to talk. His work tools are basically hands and voice. Sold on the highways, traffic lights and on the streets. They have a work area, but not point of sale. Merchants in the Floor: are those who sell, among all the cheaper goods, if the trader does not have to settle better either have to invest in merchandise. Chapman with Mesa: This is an important step in trade in the street, which is why the researchers point out: “A donkey and a table make a table, but there is a long way from the floor to the table. Click Tony Parker to learn more. For a table must have its own space, which means you have established a right to use (…).

It is common, and in this range, the trader has employees. Becomes the owner and small businessman said. ” Great Seats: with exhibitors, and even space grids used as testers. These businesses are established. Already, at the top, are the kiosks, the “cap bottle. ” Although municipal permits are up, are still part of trade in the street. Causes which have affected INFORMAL ECONOMY IN VENEZUELA 1. An influential aspect in the informality of the economy, rising poverty and inflation product, a consequence of this is the low rate of permanent students in low population areas, the citizens’ purchasing power decline and therefore the person is seeking mechanisms to survive and therefore resorts to the job, but as there are currently low labor supply and some of these people have no expertise or competitive scientists who do, then resort to a very demanding work in that direction and will, at least immediate answers to their problems: we are talking about a peddler, a fundamental part of the informal economy.

MyHammer Is Member Of Vdav

MyHammer is member of vdav – Association of German information and directory media e.V. German Association vdav information and directory media e.V. takes MyHammer of craftsmen and service providers see Berlin/Dusseldorf, April 21, 2010 MyHammer is unanimously as a full member on MyHammer includes YellowPages qualifications, references and reviews immediately due, a voting member in the vdav Association of German information – and media directory As an independent trade association represents and promotes the interests of companies whose products and services based on the publication of contact data of vdav. Thus the community of interests separates clearly is opposite the market behaviour of dubious providers of directory. MyHammer is a sign of the high standards of the MyHammer of industry book in terms of its accession content, quality and safety. The MyHammer directory under are currently 230,000 craftsmen and service providers including so far listed qualifications approved by MyHammer, carried orders, reviews. Gerrit Muller, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, shows very pleased about the membership. With our entry in the vdav we are joining a strong community.

The rapid and unanimous recording underlines our importance as a serious player in the directory media industry. For even more details, read what Tony Parker says on the issue. Rhett-Christian grammar, Managing Director of the vdav, explains: we are very pleased to have won such an innovative company like MyHammer as a member of the Association. r or against this. As part of the community of interest MyHammer shows its responsibility towards its craftsmen and service providers.” The vdav since 1920 and achieved 90 percent market coverage of directory industry, the importance of which is e.g. reflected in sixth place in the media ranking of ZAW (Central Association of the German advertising industry association) with its members. The 160 companies organized in the Association publish over 2,000 different products in all media forms.

By The vdav represents the entire spectrum of the providers of information and directory media city address books via telecommunication directories and search engines. About MyHammer: MyHammer is the number 1 among the Internet portals for trade and service contracts in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom with over 6 million searches a month. MyHammer will find private and commercial clients fast and free qualified and evaluated by users craftsmen and service providers. The offered range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to babysitting and lessons. Contracting Authority can with MyHammer targeted sectors, qualification, craftsmen and service providers are looking for region or keywords and contact directly or briefly describe their mission, and interested party get well calculated quotes. The contracting authority awards the order by clicking on the basis of price, reviews, and qualification. Evaluate principal and contractor after execution of the order Each other. Of MyHammer, the details of tradesmen and service providers about their qualifications are checked before they appear online. The MY-HAMMER AG sits in Berlin and has 50 employees. For more information see.

Book Presentation – Challenging Images By Gisela Enders

“A book for women who find themselves somehow too thick Dicke e.V. is pleased with its Chairman and author Gisela Enders the new book challenging images” to introduce. With this book another message conveyed finally for chubby teenage, than that of self hate and desperate, having to remove this participate in society on an equal footing and fully to. Instead, the dialogue of two women of different generations of hope, courage and zest for life gives even with a body that is not the norm. Jorge Perez is open to suggestions. Actors are the 16 year old Antje and her aunt, the latter a thick self-confident person who helps with many questions of the younger woman to new ideas beyond the diet. This exciting new ways open up. When I look back on my life, puberty with their uncertainties and changes certainly was the most difficult time in my life in the face of today’s beauty images in the media and this pressure has reinforced slimming madness Girl still increased,”the author describes and Dickenaktivisitin Gisela hired Enders the motivation for her second book on a subject for fat people (” in 2001, the book is already thick life appeared “). Difficult images”can be purchased in bookstores or directly through the Association for 9.80 (www.dicker-verein..