Ski Industry Equipment

Lifts located close to hotels, it distinguishes from other resorts Dombai. Children will be delighted very Teberdinsk trip to Biosphere Reserve. One of the most exciting excursion locations – sources Dzhyly-Cuu (warm water), in which visitors can take therapeutic thermal baths. Tourists are attracted by beautiful scenery and ancient mountains of the Urals, their peaks reach 1,100 meters. In this region there are about 20 ski areas with numerous trails for cross country skiing and riding, slalom, and enjoy the extremals steep slopes and jumps.

For kids working for children run. Favourite places tourists – Tangai Ridge, Mount Kruglitsa, biceps mountain ridge come forward, which can be avoided by skiing a couple of days. The most visited and developed centers – a ski resort "Zavyalikha", "Bath", a complex on the hill "Ezhov," ski resort "Sun Valley", the resort "Adzhigardak." Not far from the capital city are top-notch sports and entertainment venues that are not inferior in quality to foreign resorts. One of the largest and most modern resorts of Moscow region – Park "Yakhroma" and "free" ski resort "Stepanovo" and "Sorochany." In winter, guests will line skating, skiing, cheese cakes, snowboarding and in summer a health bath procedure, restaurants and bars, swimming in pools, sports complexes. Here come the families and youth companies – everyone will find fun. In the Leningrad region a large number of gentle slopes with small differences of height (80-120m) – are excellent places for beginners. Enthusiasts of snowboarding, skiing and other outdoor activities in winter resorts are waiting for the "Golden Valley", "Red Lake", "Tuutari Park", "Ohta Park" in Priozersk, Vsevolozhsk and the Lomonosov areas.

Ski tourism is developed in Orel, Kemerovo, Murmansk region, the ideal conditions in the Altai and Kamchatka. It should be noted mountain resort of Krasnaya Polyana, with its luxury hotels "Radisson Peak Hotel," "Four Peaks ", a cozy guest house cheap" Spring ". To in the mountains of the time there were only positive memories, take a trip to some warm clothes for the ride, backpack, ticket, passport, insurance, mountaineering sunglasses, sunscreen with a protection level 30. Everything you need Ski Industry Equipment can be rented at the rental complex.