Desire Equipment

On the flats, for example. Official site: Charlotte Hornets. We have no conditions for work, not their equipment, only tools – that's all. Of course, this may be the impetus for creativity, but primarily it affects the quality. If we had room, equipment, operator, then we can work already sound. And so long as the listener has to think out the most, as it should, in principle, sound.

That's what it means to be creative and do not depend on anybody, and no matter what. Squeeze out the current situation at most. Not wait a heap of time that will be new equipment, but under existing conditions to record songs that will be remembered for years and years. – Do you think that young talent needs to help or, as they say, the talent he will punch his way? – For a real musician circumstances of external life have almost no value. Him to do something, you need a tool and nothing more. I know lots of people who say, now if we had the equipment … Y our group there is no equipment at all, except instruments. However, we continue to do something, and they sit and wait until they have the equipment to appear.

I would like to add that the lack of certain features should not beat the desire to creativity. If you do not have the studio microphone, sign up on the broken-in microphone on karaoke. If you broke the first string, and there is a spare, then drag all the strings, dropping them down to one. If you have a sore throat from Pershiy loud singing, a warm drink of some water. If you sing songs and do not know what to sing on, write a new song. But only, in any case, do not stop. Do not force yourself to wait for the day when your opportunities coincide with your wishes. After all, that day may never come to pass. I have always been difficult to understand the popularity of the "Cinema". But now I discovered another little Tsoi. Creative and independent. A man who just walked their own way. – What are the status of your group? – No. Independent. Anyone not working, we have no contracts. I want and I will ever answer to this question exactly.