Peltier Vacuum

As the first manufacturer worldwide Memmert has developed a chilled vacuum drying oven. As a temperature range of + 5 C up to + 90 C March 2012 – which cooled vacuum Cabinet VO has 200 cool 29 litres chamber volume. For cooling, a compact, energy-saving and extremely precise Peltier cooling unit has been integrated. So, Memmert cooled vacuum Cabinet over the entire temperature range reaches a surface temperature distribution with a deviation of maximum +/-1 K. The gentle low-temperature vacuum drying and storage of micro-organisms or active pharmaceutical ingredients shall apply in particular in the food and pharmaceutical industries. With their help, labile substances at moderate temperatures above the freezing point can be dried without having the cell structure is damaged too much. Now, also the storage and the transport of medicines during intercontinental flights can be simulated with the cooled vacuum Cabinet VOcool from Memmert on simple and inexpensive way.

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