The Importance Of Marketing As A Process

When you turn on your light, will never walk in darkness. The use of marketing tool is determinant in the behavior of markets, the scenario increasingly presented a proactivity associated to the management of markets take into account which represents marketing, its scope and impact. At base, it is necessary to deepen what involves the process of marketing as well as their applications and that is what really is pointing with marketing as a process. We must consider as it refers Luis Linares 1.-that marketing is a process, so as all this process has phases or stages, and therefore has a home and a fin.2-that marketing is a system full of activities, and as a system-wide, these activities are interrelated with each other, the so we plan them so that they comply with the objectives preestablecidos.3 the first phase is the analysis of the situation. You may find that Andrea Marks can contribute to your knowledge. It is the stage of observation, analysis and gathering market information and the determination of the problem (the problem) with the purpose of map objectives and metas.4 the second phase of the system is the management process, this has three basic stages that are part of the total system of the marketing:i.-planning: comes to be the Marketing, business strategy, or the strategic planning of marketing strategy.

That is the how I get to meet my goals. Another way is the plan and the steps to follow to achieve the objectives.II.-Ejecucion-implementacion – Realizacion.iii-Control – Supervision – evaluacion.5 all these phases comprise several areas of study that are called courses in education organizations. Not the slightest doubt as Ana Martinez points out that marketing is a discipline based on processes, this informed that each step in the process of marketing should be scrutinized and measured, with the aim of generating an output (outcome), either by way of revenue growth, the development of intangible assets of the company or the shareholder value increased. Movie Star helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.